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  1. Sounds like you've made a couple of rash choices and you're at risk of repeating your mistake. My advice: work for a few more years so you can better understand what you want to do. You only graduated last year, whereas many applicants to your target schools enroll in their late 20s. Grad school's crazy expensive; you shouldn't apply unless you have a plan.
  2. Some 11th hour stressing ahead of SIPA's deposit deadline. While I believe SIPA would be a positive experience that would advance my career, I've realized SAIS would be more educationally/socially rewarding, while offering similar professional opportunities. All things equal, I want to go to SAIS. That said, SIPA's offering me $28k/year, while I have no funding from SAIS. I'm not wealthy and money's definitely a factor. Would I be crazy to turn down $56k for the sake of experience, especially when career outcomes are similar?
  3. And I'm also MIA, so it's not a matter of MIA vs. MPA.
  4. Ah, the deposit deadline is probably different for fellowship recipients and non-recipients. I was offered funding, so my deadline is April 15. I know SAIS has a similar system. Come to think if it, your deadline for filing an appeal could be later than mine, too. You should definitely email them Monday.
  5. Yes, the deadline for funding appeals was 5 p.m. Friday :( It wasn't really publicized; you had to take initiative in emailing them, and then they replied with a form to fill out. I'm kicking myself for not asking for more money because they gave me close to what I requested. Honestly didn't expect anything because I didn't even have a competing offer to leverage. I guess you can still try emailing them. With the April 15 deadline approaching, they'll probably have some extra money freed up.
  6. Anyone else receive responses on their financial aid appeals? Though I was graciously offered $16,000/yr, I filed an appeal just before the Friday deadline. Literally three hours later, I was informed that my fellowship had been increased to $28,000. I'm very grateful for the extra funding, but a little baffled by the quick response. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  7. Hope I'm not too late to the game. I've been agonizing over SIPA vs SAIS ever since decisions came out, as both have lots to offer. Some background: I'll likely explore government/policy positions in Washington and private sector/policy jobs in Japan, where I've lived the past six years. My longtime goal has been to join the Foreign Service, but I'm hesitant to commit to government, especially with the ongoing hiring slump. My thinking so far on each school's merits: SIPA: - Offering $$ - Possible dual degree with University of Tokyo, which has dirt-cheap tuition and s
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