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  1. I am still trying to decide what way to go... In my country, the government offers heavily subsidized loans with repayments that are linked to income. That means that I would only have to pay back a small percentage of my income each year so I would not be in trouble paying them back even if I had a very low-paying job. I could cover the rest of the costs with savings and some smaller competitive national scholarships (assuming I would receive some - the Harvard brand would probably help with that). When I spoke to HKS financial services, they told me about two types of loans, one o
  2. Hey guys. I was admitted to HKS MPP program with no funding and Princeton's MPA with full funding and stipend (30k/year). For some, this may be a no brainer, but I am having trouble deciding what to do. Here is what I am struggling with: Where I am from (I am an international student), the Harvard brand is on a level that no other school can match. Some may know the Princeton brand, but everybody knows Harvard. So I feel that the Harvard brand would be very helpful throughout my life in pursuing jobs in my home country. If I would apply for any job in my country, I would hav
  3. I'm in with $60k ($30k/year)!
  4. Did anyone apply to MA and has not received an update in their portal? My portal doesn't show anything.
  5. Yes, I got the same wording as you. I am assuming that the formal letter is a formality.
  6. Got in to MSFS with $30,000 in financial aid for the first year, renewable for the second year! SO HAPPY, was really not expecting the results today!!
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