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  1. I am still trying to decide what way to go... In my country, the government offers heavily subsidized loans with repayments that are linked to income. That means that I would only have to pay back a small percentage of my income each year so I would not be in trouble paying them back even if I had a very low-paying job. I could cover the rest of the costs with savings and some smaller competitive national scholarships (assuming I would receive some - the Harvard brand would probably help with that). When I spoke to HKS financial services, they told me about two types of loans, one of them being offered by a company based in London I think. If you haven't, you could contact them and ask them about it. Ofcourse, you have to do what you feel is right for you. These are two years of your life - a huge investment. For me, I would say that it is important that you can see a way where the repayments of the loans do not hinder your ability to pursue the career that you want to after graduation.
  2. Hey guys. I was admitted to HKS MPP program with no funding and Princeton's MPA with full funding and stipend (30k/year). For some, this may be a no brainer, but I am having trouble deciding what to do. Here is what I am struggling with: Where I am from (I am an international student), the Harvard brand is on a level that no other school can match. Some may know the Princeton brand, but everybody knows Harvard. So I feel that the Harvard brand would be very helpful throughout my life in pursuing jobs in my home country. If I would apply for any job in my country, I would have a huge advantage if I attended Harvard. But I want to work for at least a few years abroad and Princeton would probably be just as helpful in landing good jobs in human rights/humanitarian work? I am aiming to go into humanitarian/development sector after graduation, hopefully working in the field. I notice that HKS has a great course offer in human rights, humanitarian work etc. while my feeling is that Princeton has more limited course offerings and the classes are more aimed at the economic side of development (would you agree?). The courses at Harvard seem to match my interests better. I am very attracted to the research centers/clubs etc. in HKS. At HKS, I would want to participate in activities in Carr Center for human rights for example, while WWS does not seem to have any centers focused on human rights or humanitarian policy. Then there is the FUNDING. Oh yes, the funding. I could be able to pay for HKS if I use all my savings, sell my apartment, take all the available loans from my government subsidized loan scheme, apply for all available external funding and then get a little loan from my parents as well. The payments for the loans is linked with income so I would not be burdened with high payments if I do not have a high income. Still, compared to WWS where I could attend without any worries about money, it seems like alot. So, my friends. What should I do?
  3. I'm in with $60k ($30k/year)!
  4. Did anyone apply to MA and has not received an update in their portal? My portal doesn't show anything.
  5. Yes, I got the same wording as you. I am assuming that the formal letter is a formality.
  6. Got in to MSFS with $30,000 in financial aid for the first year, renewable for the second year! SO HAPPY, was really not expecting the results today!!
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