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  1. It's probably possible, but I don't know if it would be useful to have the same degree from two different institutions. Having that on your resume would probably raise more questions than anything. Also, in the future could you please make your thread titles a little more descriptive or specific? A forum full of titles like "Stupid question, but..." and "Just a quick question" isn't helpful to anyone.
  2. Thanks a lot, that's exactly the type of local knowledge I was looking for Any idea on whether it's possible to live in/near downtown Durham with a yard for a dog?
  3. I'll be attending Duke in the fall and have officially started my search for housing. It will be me, my girlfriend, and our 40 pound dog. Based on my research, I'd really like to live near downtown Durham or in Carrboro, but I'm having a hard time finding anything online (Craigslist, Padmapper, etc..) that starts in July/August. I'd really like to secure something soon rather than waiting and having to compete with more and more students. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks for your time.
  4. Thanks for the reply. That's great news, considering I just accepted Duke's offer. I'm so excited!
  5. My decision has basically come down to Duke Sanford MPP and UWashington Evans MPA. Duke gave me $16k fellowship + $4k assistantship (their lowest award from my understanding) Evans gave me in-state tuition and a $750/month stipend I want to ultimately work at a large environmental NGO, preferably on the was coast but that's not a deal breaker. WHAT TO DO?!
  6. Hey folks, I just wanted to run my scenario by you and get some of your thoughts. It looks like my cost of attendance at Duke Sanford would be about $90,000 ($45k tuition/year - $20k funding/year + ~$20k cost of living/year). That's a terrifying number to me, though I've taken comfort reading about Income Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Are any of you considering Duke Sanford at a similar cost, or do you think I'm crazy? It's by far my favorite program that I've been admitted to, but unfortunately it's also one of my more expensive options.
  7. I'll be attending an MPP program, and my main choices come down to those mentioned in the title. My goal is to work in environmental policy at a large NGO. I'll break down the funding/cost of attending situation below: George Washington: $31k/year tuition - $15k/1st year funding + ~$25k/year cost of living = ~97,000 total cost of attendance Duke: $45k/year tuition - $20k/year funding + ~$20k/year cost of living = ~$90,000 total cost of attendance Carnegie Mellon: $44k/year tuition - $34k/year funding + ~$22.5k/year cost of living = ~$65,000 total cost of attendance UTexas: $31k total tuition + ~22.5k/year cost of living = ~$76,000 total cost of attendance Notes: GWU said they may increase my offer, and has mentioned that there is a high chance of getting funding in my second year. Their final cost would likely be lower than what's above. UTexas didn't offer me any funding, however their tuition starts out quite low and I'd qualify for in-state tuition in my second year. In terms of program preference, I definitely like Duke's program the most, followed by CMU, then GWU, then UTexas. I'm looking for any input that you all might have. What program would you choose and why? Do my cost of living estimates look reasonable? Thanks for the input!
  8. I've been in communication with GWU and they offered me the same award which puts them back in the running. Does anyone know if Trachtenberg typically offers the same award in the second year? That could be a pretty huge factor in my decision on them.
  9. I haven't attended any admitted student events, and I might be way off base, but isn't that a little over dressed? I'd definitely be wearing some slacks and a tucked-in button-down, but not a full suit/jacket (unless it's really cold I guess?).
  10. I'm in a remarkably similar situation to yours, including the schools i'm looking at (CMU and Duke) and debt amounts I'm considering from them. I'm currently leaning towards Duke (and a little more debt), but I don't know that I have very good reasons for leaning that way.
  11. After reading this thread I feel bad about the debt-load I was considering After accounting for funding, Sanford and Heinz would still cost me ~$89k and ~$79k respectively (assuming I can't work/get an assistantship, and assuming my cost of living will be ~$20k a year in Durham and Pittsburgh). I guess if I want to go I'll have to suck it up and rely on IBR and public service loan forgiveness. I just hope I'm not making a devastating mistake.
  12. Has anyone requested a reward review and asked for a larger scholarship award? I submitted mine about 10 business days ago and was really hoping to hear back by now. I'd really like to make my final decision and can't until I hear back from Heinz on whether they'd consider increasing my award.
  13. Berkeley Goldman and HKS are obviously amazing schools but, depending on the numbers, I'd probably be leaning towards Wagner. It too is a very good school in a huge job market, where you already have an extensive network, AND it's your cheapest option. Like I said, the numbers make a difference. If HKS is your dream school and it's ~$20,000 more than Wagner, I'd say go HKS, but if the difference in cost is much much more, I'd definitely take Wagner. Great education from an impressive school, in a world-class city where you already have a professional network, for much less debt? That's an easy choice as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Can anyone speak to the availability of assistnatnship positions or other work available to grad students at LBJ?
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