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  1. Agreed. This makes sense since GRE is not a requirement for admission at Hertie and not submitting scores should not militate against one's odds of acceptance and funding. But having reasonable GREs and submitting them for review might increase the chances of funding and be helpful for dual-degree option at a partner school in the U.S. as well. Only a speculation however. Not sure if it has any role and if yes how much.
  2. It took me around six weeks to find out that I was accepted into their relatively younger program: MIA. Applied in early January and got offer of a place in late February. Still however, waiting out for financial aid email which I was told will come on the heels of admission offer. Hoping to hear back in a week or two at the latest. To those accepted: had you sent your GRE scores along and how strong/weak they were? Just wondering if they had any bearing in financial aid consideration. Also who else has an offer in the MIA program?
  3. My reference is to terminal masters at other departments such as International policy studies. Following is the text from the online application that indicates such a possibility. But I don't know if the department refers it on it's own or will honor a request to this effect.
  4. I am wondering if Stanford (political Science Dept.) refers rejected applicants to its Master's programs as Chicago does since there was an option, I guess, in the application for such a consideration? If that's case, would it not be offensive to ask DGA to refer the file to a Master's program of one's liking if (s)he has not already done so or confirming for one if referred? Any thoughts!
  5. Mine is "C". Have you visited the website? Or waiting for the email? The latter might not come.
  6. Out at Stanford. It was probably the best fit in my estimation but my profile was not competitive enough to get an admit. Congratulations to all who made it.
  7. Neither have I heard so far and my concentration is IR as well. It's possible they have not notified the IR folks yet. But I tend to agree not hearing might equal to rejection. Nothing can be said with certitude unless an email reaches or status changes on the application page. Congrats to all admitted lately at Columbia, Princeton and elsewhere.
  8. Thank you for starting this long-overdue thread. Here go my stats: Education: Double Masters in Law and International Relations. GRE: 161 Q, 157 V, 4 AW Public Policy Programs: Pardee RAND (had interview in late January); UMD College Park; GSPIA Pittsburgh. Political Science Programs: GWU (Rejected); UVA (not heard yet, although decisions are rumored to be out); Duke (no word); USC POIR (pending); Stanford; Columbia; Cornell; John Hopkins All the very best to all awaiting to hear back from schools.
  9. On a phone call yesterday (Monday), the Graduate Advisor (Veri Chavarin) explained to me that those who had not heard on Friday last week (Feb. 5th) are probably on wait list or rejected. But as she explained, it will take further a week or two to actually notify applicants their true status. I am also in the same boat and my subfield is IR.
  10. IR Theory, nuclear proliferation/deterrence and democratization with special focus to South Asia.
  11. Congratulations on being able to get some good news. Best luck with the rest!
  12. Thank you for the prompt updates. Crossing fingers!
  13. Is anyone waiting out to hear from USC (POIR)? I am expecting their decisions to come out today.
  14. Attending in-person is ideal and should be preferred over Skype call unless of course one is an International student and Visa and transportation costs are real worries. Good luck with the conference and finally the odds of acceptance.
  15. Thank you and all the very best with rest of your applications (if any) and have a great year ahead. Perhaps the (expected) late response from Duke has to do with my late application completion. My last LOR was submitted on 21st Jan although the application and other supporting materials were submitted before Jan 12th deadline. Hoping to hear from both of them this week.
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