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  1. @Tgrz I checked the JHU portal for my rejection letter
  2. Has anyone received an official letter from Georgetown yet?
  3. @PoliSci-freak I got my Maryland decision around Valentine's day. Have you checked the portal?
  4. Email from Georgetown, recommended for admission.
  5. Maryland's acceptances went out a week or so ago. Not sure how they handle their waitlist
  6. I think universities are open on President's Day. Hoping for Georgetown and Hopkins this week.
  7. I know we are still in the middle of receiving admission decisions, but what factors are you guys using to whittle down your choices? Is rank the end all, be all for you? Are you weighing funding offers pretty heavily? I've seen similar threads, but I'd like to get the views of people who share my academic field.
  8. Received funding info from UT this morning.
  9. This has me hopeful that I'll get some info by the end of the week. Fingers crossed.
  10. Can I just say all of this is super overwhelming
  11. Thanks! I received a email from the DGS about 20 minutes ago.
  12. Just received a letter of admissions to University of Maryland along with funding info.
  13. Same, except I've heard nothing from anyone mentioned in my SOP.
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