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  1. OK thank you for the input. It just seems that things are so competitive that any blemish on ones academic record can see you dinged. Guess I will focus on other aspects of my application.
  2. Hi there, probably the most annoying question possible coming your way. I was wondering what the collective mind thought of one "bad" grade on a MA transcript? In short, I took a really hard class outside of my focus and got a B+. Was a super interesting learning experience I just wish the grade reflected that. The rest of my grades are A's with a couple of A-. Overall my GPA should stand at about 3.9~ by the end of my program. So, will this kill a political science PhD application? I am of course thinking top 10/20
  3. What specifically left you that impression of USC? You could have just made my decision much easier!
  4. Anyone have any thoughts from the event?
  5. Can I ask that people who attend put a quick write up or send me a PM with your thoughts? I can only attend the normal admitted students day unfortunately and I don't want to miss any information for the dean's merit scholars. I am deciding between Fletcher, GT, SIPA, SAIS, and USC.
  6. Trying to decide between Fletcher, the GHD, and USC Price here.
  7. They are running the same event on 7-8 April. Can't make the merit event so will be attending the 2nd one.
  8. Email admissions they are super responsive and seem happy to answer any questions.
  9. I am in with a 50% Deans's Merit Scholarship. Was honestly hoping for a bit more than that as the cost is still a bit high for me (not to mention that I am an international student so most decent loans are out of the question). Will most probably see you at the Merit Scholars event on the 31st if I can get the time off work.
  10. Congrats!! FYI, last year funding decisions came by post.
  11. Nothing from my side either. Has anyone got any notifications to check the youSC site?
  12. I also applied so fingers crossed we hear something this week :). If admitted, I assume you will all be going to the admitted students day?
  13. My only dream is to get a funding offer that does not result in financial punishment for the next decade+
  14. http://sites.tufts.edu/fletcheradmissions/2016/12/29/lets-get-real-about-the-deadline/
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