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  1. Finally got a response from U Penn EALC Ph. D. They claim they sent my rejection email on March 25th, which is not likely since I never received it. And to this day, the online application system has never been updated to reflect the result of my application. A very unprofessional operation in comparison to the other four schools to which I applied. I however will not be shedding any tears, though, since I got into my first choice.
  2. It doesn't appear that exact number is (publicly) available. And it appears to vary from year to year. But the following blog post should be helpful: http://hksadmissionblog.tumblr.com/post/112726954733/2015-reading-and-decision-process-post-7
  3. I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes. Good luck to you. I also did not receive any aid, but will be choosing HKS regardless.
  4. I am able to log into the financial aid website and see my financial aid information. It appears to have been updated just minutes ago. I have not received any email (yet). CORRECTION: Financial aid email just received.
  5. I never heard back a single thing from anyone there, whatsoever. I sent an email and never got a response.
  6. I was not accepted. Makes my choice all the more easier. See you in Cambridge
  7. It would be great for those who are "Other" to leave a note and say where they will be attending...
  8. Absolutely Yale. Smaller class sizes, (probably) better job placement services.
  9.   I was accepted at SAIS and will almost certainly be declining, so hopefully you'll get my spot.
  10. I am in the favorable position of having my employer continue to pay my full salary while I study full-time, with me attending to only very minimal work responsibilities while earning my degree (about one hour per week). However, they will not pay my tuition. If possible, I recommend that you execute the necessary kung fu to produce a similar arrangement (...but unlike me, get them to foot the tuition bill as well).
  11. I have not heard back a thing from any of the fellowships for which I applied...
  12. Like you, I have the money and means, but due to work commitments and distance, will not be attending any of the new admit days for the schools I was admitted to. However, two of my schools (HKS and SAIS) will be having new admit receptions in my local area, so I will attend those. My biggest concern is whether or not there'll be free beer/wine available
  13. Wow. That's potentially two more weeks of waiting! Why must they torture us...
  14. Last year's decisions were released on March 19th...if it's the same this year, that should be this Thursday...
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