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  1. Definitely don't let me stifle debate here. I was already leaning Jackson beforehand, but this thread might be useful to someone down the line.
  2. Thank you so much for your reply (and just in time)! It certainly gave me an extra dose of confidence, and I committed to Yale Jackson. I think that the tight-knit community is a huge plus for me, and I'll also have the flexibility to really shape my program there. This was a huge help!
  3. Hey all! It's come down to the wire, and I'm deciding between Harvard Kennedy School and Yale Jackson. I'm pretty fortunate to have received aid/fellowships from both schools that covers the cost of my tuition, though it makes it hard to quickly rule out one or the other. My interests and experience are in national security and technology policy, so HKS is really attractive (Boston tech scene, Belfer Center, etc), and I want to work on these issues at a think tank or in government once I graduate. HKS is also really well established, and has some pretty killer institutional prestige and connec
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