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  1. I wrote them on 4/21 with no response!
  2. Curious to hear if there have been any updates the past few days? I am hearing through a good source that a lot of people declined HKS this year-
  3. Has anyone on the waitlist been accepted yet?
  4. Last year today we saw movement from Waitlist > Accepted and Rejected > Waitlist. Obviously a lot of unknowns out there again this year- has anyone heard any further news from HKS since decision release day? I think we may start hearing within the next week.
  5. If last year’s trend holds, we shall see some waitlist movement by the end of this week. We will also see rejected applicants moved to the waitlist. I would not be surprised if the trend continue, possibly with a further one week delay.
  6. People applied fearing they might not have a job- with the economy booming they either kept their job or have new job prospects.
  7. The ride is just beginning. I would expect many turning it down as MC/MPAs due to the booming post pandemic domestic economy and intl students still in visa/vaccine limbo.
  8. Rejected MC/MPA. Magazine WAS received.
  9. Rejected, but keeping hope up for a repeat of last year where rejected candidates were moved to waitlist spots as so many accepted applicants declined. Will update this thread when/if I hear further. I thought my app was quite strong (essays/recs/resume)- almost 20 years work experience in private sector across the globe, so so academics and no GMAT. I did receive the magazine.
  10. I think we will see similar dynamics at play- maybe a week or two behind the timelines from last year. Those on the waitlist will be fine- and rejected applicants shouldn't count themselves out yet.
  11. Thank you! I suspect many declines from "whim applicants" based on this alone for programs like MC/MPA
  12. Thank you! Did they mention anything in the letter about in person or virtual classes?
  13. Thanks! I predict there will be an early wave of declines given the current pandemic climate and that we shall see waitlist movement by mid-April. Does anyone remember when the HKS waitlist/rejected movements started last year? I think 1st week of April?
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