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  1. Anyone here heard back from QEM? I know they've already responded to some, but I'm still waiting...anyone else?
  2. Congratulations @Dimba! Well in, especially in such a competitive year. Wishing you the best going forward.
  3. An update because a future applicant might need it: I had an informal interview for the program this past week that pretty much confirmed my selection. I will be asked to upload my details to a portal but this is just a formality. It seems that the portal step is a final step, after the university selection you upload to the portal for DAAD to confirm your selection.
  4. Hey, I also didn't hear back about uploading my documents to any portal. I just sent in my application to the university email, now I don't know what to think. Maybe no news is good news? At least it's not a rejection yet...
  5. Oh, to be you right now! I have no doubt that these next few years are going to be amazing for you. Your supervisors already sound super engaged.
  6. Congrats on your offer! I got a transcript drop (no official offer yet) so I was really curious how that would pan out. Looks like it could be the MSc without the Phd, I can live with that. About your dumb thing, I hope you don't mind that I laughed a little, it sounds like something I would do!
  7. Hi guys, QEM hopeful here. Application's just closed on the 15th so I guess we (me and any other QEM applicants, hey) still have time before we hear anything.
  8. Thanks so much for replying...at least now I can manage my expectations. Congrats on getting shortlisted also! That's no mean feat. Did they tell you when they would be getting back to you with a final result?
  9. I would really appreciate anyone who could tell me anything about the admission process for the DTP at LSE, for a 1+3 applicant. Other than the official websites that I've spent days poring over, I haven't found any info online. I submitted my application but didn't reach out to a potential supervisor, even though I had already identified one, because I ran out of time. I told my self to not be neurotic and forget about it and enjoy the christmas holiday (This was more than 8 weeks ago). Now I'm thinking how dumb that was, I should have seen my plan through and contacted a supervisor even aft
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