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  1. I’m not sure if it’s been said, but as idiosyncratic as the application cycles are anyway if your statement of purpose doesn’t involve doing quantitative methods if may not really matter. IR is one of the subfields where heavy quant may not be needed, specifically if you are doing interpretivism. Also something to consider is to learn by doing rather than certification—program languages such as r, Stata, or python will boost your app, but you’ll learn them during you quant sequence anyway depending on the program. In the end it really depends on how you view the world—are you more a “show me the data” type? Or are there phenomena that are unobservable by the traditional positivist mentality? So my overall advice is know what you are interested in and have an idea of what methods you are going to employ to do so. If your primary method is qualitative textual analysis, who cares about quants? However If you’d rather back up theory through analysis of the correlates of war project and other datasets, you probably should do something to boost base quants knowledge. Feel free to reach out if you like.
  2. One thing to consider, and I’m not sure if it has already been said, but as you pointed out some programs are quantcentric. I applied this last cycle and with some background in R and Qualtrics landed in 2 quantitative schools, meaning non-mixed methods, and one great mixed methods program. I have been predominately trained in IR theory moving into experimental design. Either way though you’ll undergo a quant sequence, have you considered the ICPSR summer program? Im not sure on the cost, but if there are specific methods you feel learning would benefit you it might be worth it. Or just apply to non-quantitative centric programs. McGill has a masters that you can get funded or try for CIR/MAPPS at Chicago.
  3. I agree with this 100%. From the way my primary advisor commented about being on admission committees, there is so much that goes on beyond just traditional measurements. It also needs to be considered which subfield has dominance on the committee, one year will be one way, the next it could be entirely different. There is also the problem with potential backroom trading--I take your student, you take mine.
  4. The isolation. I traveled alone though to go. I hadn't anticipated how impactful it could be. But all is well, back to being overly tenacious and annoying.
  5. Wasn't an issue with the program. I was much better the next day after being around the department. I just didn't realize how initially isolating it would be. I hadn't expected that, but I'm over it. Emotional reaction understood and processed, back to "rational decision making". I also have a distrust of the word pioneer.
  6. Anyone else get really depressed doing recruitment visits>
  7. I feel your pain, I’m still waiting on rejection from Vanderbilt and any form of notification for Pittsburgh.
  8. Vanderbilt offers are out already right?
  9. Cool! I’m in Chicago anyway for MPSA, so it’s just an extra day.
  10. Are you going to do the CIR visit day?
  11. Good catch, I assumed and skim read that it was MAPPS, it was actually CIR, which I can be transparent and admit I had no clue about.
  12. University of Maryland at College Park and Syracuse. Sorry you responded while I was typing, thank you for the recommendation.
  13. I’ve been offered full scholarship to MAPSS, acceptances at University of Maryland and Syracuse. Thank you for your recommendation.
  14. Anyone have recommendation between accepting a MAPPS offer or taking a second tier Ph. D?
  15. Ouch, that seems risky from a retention point. I can see the benefits from potential gaining students who were rejected from top tier programs, but they risk competing against other mid-tier programs that will already have had a chance to "court" candidates. Well good luck to those still awaiting.
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