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  1. True true, is there a forum for M.Ed candidates or just Ed.D? Some posters on this thread were asking about Pitt so that's why I'm on here
  2. Person of Interest, whether it be faculty or admissions. Update: Just got off the phone with them, they just finished reviewing Ed.D candidates, so M.Ed's are gonna take a bit, probably 1-2 weeks before those decisions are distributed.
  3. So they're saying they hope to distribute decisions this week according to the Enrollment officer I contacted, I left a message for the POI I was in contact with as well. I totally agree with you because Pitt was the only program I applied to and saw myself at, don't want to be passed over or overlooked by rejections from high-tier M.Ed programs, best of luck to you as well.
  4. Damn right, I emailed the grad enrollment officer I talked to at Pitt when I applied, I'll comment what he says. Apparently, some applicants didn't hear back from Pitt until Mid-March for acceptances/rejections, so yeah it's nerve season for sure.
  5. Hey man, I am still waiting for my Pitt decision for F19 SCAE M.Ed as well so don't fret, It was my only application I submitted for F19 and my top choice, so don't fret. I got rejected for Hunter College's MFA in Poetry last spring so all I can say is keep the faith and keep an eye on your phone, email and mailbox.
  6. Just got the rejection e-mail, disappointed but at least I have closure, the job search truly begins now, best of luck to the remaining candidates.
  7. Still waiting on news, anyone else hear back yet?
  8. The reason behind it was behind I hadn't really considered applying to any for Fall 2018, I haven't taken the GRE yet so that kind of limited my scope, I had planned to apply to UBC as well as Hunter, but Hunter was the most feasible and felt like the program that I had the best shot at getting into. My mother is an alumna, I'm from New York so I'd get full funding if I were accepted, and it's in a part of NYC that I see myself being in and achieving my best as a student and writer. It is risky indeed, but a colleague of mine only applied to SUNY Purchase, which he was accepted to, so to
  9. It's comforting to know I'm not the only Poetry applicant in this situation, I submitted my Application in December and I have yet to hear anything either and I've seen nothing on here for Poetry yet, just Nonfiction and Fiction. I called the advisor Mr. Packard a while back and was put to voicemail. I also sent an E-mail to him with no reply as well. Hunter was the only school I applied to for Fall 2018, so I empathize with you on this, and hopefully we hear the answer we're looking for soon...
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