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  1. Hi there! I’m not in French but a similar subject (linguistics) and one thing in this really stood out to me; making your decision based on which college’s funding package has the least teaching. You will, without a doubt, be more competitive for search committees in 5 years’ time with more teaching experience not less. I would strongly encourage you not to base any decisions on this. Research is naturally important in academia but building up a teaching portfolio and philosophy is also important and trying to avoid teaching isn’t going to help. Also, you likely will have to apply for non-tenure track positions as well as tenure-track (due to the state of the job market) at the end of the PhD which will have a stronger teaching focus than research focus. Ive known colleagues on my course who pursued fellowships religiously (4 out of 5 years of their PhD was on fellowships). They couldn’t get jobs because of lack of teaching experience. They’re now building up that experience in high schools (shudder) before they reapply in a couple of years. I hope this hasn’t come off as preachy but I just wanted to give you my $0.02 and hopefully it will make you decision-making easier. I have a friend at Brown and they love it!
  2. Hello, I am planning on re-appying to a PhD program which I was previously accepted onto. I ended up deferring my place for medical reasons and was unable to take the place for the same medical reasons. I am now able to re-apply for the program and they are allowing me to complete an abridged application (no letters of recommendation, no external application information) since I have already completed this information previously - I also did my MA at the same institution. They have asked for an updated statement of purpose, resume and writing sample. It's been several years since the original application. My feeling is that I am likely to be accepted again onto the program but I don't want to get my hopes up. Has anyone else ever heard of a similar scenario and the outcome? Or similarly, how would you view completing this application and the likelihood of being accepted onto the program? Thanks.
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