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  1. Hi there! I’m not in French but a similar subject (linguistics) and one thing in this really stood out to me; making your decision based on which college’s funding package has the least teaching. You will, without a doubt, be more competitive for search committees in 5 years’ time with more teaching experience not less. I would strongly encourage you not to base any decisions on this. Research is naturally important in academia but building up a teaching portfolio and philosophy is also important and trying to avoid teaching isn’t going to help. Also, you likely will have to apply for no
  2. Hello, I am planning on re-appying to a PhD program which I was previously accepted onto. I ended up deferring my place for medical reasons and was unable to take the place for the same medical reasons. I am now able to re-apply for the program and they are allowing me to complete an abridged application (no letters of recommendation, no external application information) since I have already completed this information previously - I also did my MA at the same institution. They have asked for an updated statement of purpose, resume and writing sample. It's been several years since the ori
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