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  1. 3. I am pretty sure we still qualify for the May 1st installment, we'll obviously just have a delay getting funds.
  2. Yeah, I think that's a huge oversight that needs to be addressed in the committee structure of SSHRC. Most "social science" approaches to cultural studies can easily fit into the more traditional disciplines like sociology, anthro, etc. But for those of us who mobilize more humanities-based approaches to cultural studies (psychoanalysis, aesthetics, lit/poetry, etc) it can be quite confounding to properly situate our work within any single committee. We need our own inter/transdisciplinary committee!
  3. 2043 applied. 860 awards.
  4. Yes, I was hesitant to reapply to this committee after being rejected last year, but my research really doesn't fit neatly into any one category. I am firmly rooted in the "humanities" camp of WGS so decided to gear my SOP towards committe 1.
  5. Exactly! It's a huge crapshoot. I should note, however, that when I applied originally, I geared my SOP explicitly towards English programs. This marked a major shift in my (inter)disciplinary training in WGS. I was not admitted to any English/Lit PhD programs and was not awarded the SSHRC, but did end up at one of the best WGS PhD programs in the world. And hence, I think it is this fact of being firmly situated in a program when you apply - especially true for interdisciplinary programs, I think - along with the letter from a current supervisor that really pushed my application up a notch this year.
  6. Got a CGS. Will be turning down for Doctoral Fellowship as I am in the NJ, USA. Score of 14.8, committee 1, 1st year PhD at US school. Was Change of reference from last year (rejected with score of 10.8) with some minor tweaks to SOP. Good luck everyone!
  7. Any Direct Applicants in the US hear back yet?

    Read through the SSHRC thread you posted in: we hear by snail mail and no one in the U.S. has heard yet (since letters were just mailed out Friday).
  8. See activation of payment here: You will need a signature of a supervisor and someone else from the school (grad director, awards officer, etc). Good news is funds will be by direct deposit!
  9. seems like they always mail them out on Fridays, likely to avoid replying to emails until Monday.
  10. Gah, don't get my hopes up! If this is indeed the case there is a chance that some of us in the states would hear before the end of the week!
  11. You can update your address though to make sure your letter comes to the US rather than to a Canadian address...
  12. Good to know! I'll still be filing every year for those tax credits, just in case I do decide to return after the PhD.
  13. Did they say they would only be mailed though? SSHRC still has that on their page.
  14. Vanier CGS 2016-2017

    snail mail, unfortunately for those of us abroad