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  1. I received nothing, and a really low score of 9.2/20 from a multidisciplinary committee Oh well, hopefully I'll do better next year now that I have some pubs, conferences, and awards under my belt!
  2. Anyone else at UWaterloo? The original e-mail we received when our applications went to the national level indicated that SSHRC will notify us directly of our result, but I saw a Waterloo professor congratulating their student on winning a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship via twitter on Friday. The not knowing is just driving me crazy!
  3. Wait, were we supposed to create a CV in the general portal in addition to our application in the doctoral portal?
  4. This is just a very slow form of torture. . .
  5. Trudeau 2017

    @apoc19 I haven't received a rejection letter either, and my application has disappeared on the portal -- dying to know what this means!