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  1. Tough situation. Maybe just give it a try and see if you have a different outlook on it? Not sure what the consequences would be if you go with the program, apply to grad programs and then just rejected them all or drop out of them at the end..
  2. I applied back in March, Im surprised they emailed back because Im pretty sure all my letters weren't sent to them because everything was shutting down and chaotic because of covid.
  3. Are any of you guys seeking a PREP program where you want to go to grad school or are you going to an different university? Ive already accepted UGA but I got an interview for UChicago, which is where I am considering going to grad school. Not sure what I should do.....
  4. Just heard back from Albert Einstein and they said that their admissions are delayed due to covid and will get back by May 31....I also got an interview for UChicago, @MarxistHegelian, I know you're going there, do you know when their program starts?
  5. I go to a smaller school and I was talking to my PI and he was saying that if there is a student (who is applying to a masters) with P/NP v.s. having A's, they are going to pick to student with A's. I think this is kinda ridiculous but thats what the bio department here has planned.
  6. Not that I am aware of. My program is in Georgia and I know they are opening things up over there prematurely because of their ignorant governor... so I really hope that wont make things spike up again.
  7. My program seems to be moving forward. Im sorry to hear that, I always worry that will happen to me one of these days.
  8. I got an interview for STAR-prep at university of maryland
  9. Nope, but im from Seattle, its a great place congrats!
  10. Ohh got it, i misunderstood the question.. ill let you know if i get anything.
  11. Has anyone heard from University of Maryland?
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