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  1. Invited to the University of Florida's Virtual Spring Visit Feb 25-27! Not sure if this counts as an unofficial acceptance or not.
  2. Congrats! As an undergrad who is going to graduate from there next month, you're gonna love it there! (If you choose to go)
  3. Accepted to Virginia Tech! I will be committing to the program!
  4. Rejected by Yale, but got selected for Yale Bouchet Graduate School Bootcamp 2020...... Comes with a fee waiver for the PhD 2021 application process so that's cool I guess....
  5. Interesting, will your program be online? Virginia Tech's program was supposed to start June 15th, then got pushed to July 15th, then got pushed to the vague date of "Fall 2020" after they extended the application deadline. Coronavirus sucks
  6. Has anybody else's program been delayed? Virginia Tech was delayed to Fall 2020 and I have no idea how they will be able to prep us for the Fall 2021 PhD application process in time.
  7. Hey guys! Made an account to tell you guys that I received an interview invite from Virginia Tech (VT-PREP) yesterday!
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