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  1. If anyone's waiting to hear back from IUPUI, I emailed them and they said their interviews have already gone out
  2. I see. Ya I mean I think the worst that will happen is that they won't respond! And in that case we'll just have to continue waiting. I think I'm going to wait until Monday to email again just to give it another day or two.
  3. Were you supposed to get a response by Mid March?
  4. I have the same question. I emailed a school on the 18th asking if admissions were delayed because of COVID since I was told I would hear back by the 13th. They responded saying they hope to send out updates that day or by the end of that week (the 20th). Its now been a week and a half since then and I still haven't heard anything. I don't want to annoy them but I am worried I missed an email or something 😰
  5. Thank you! Best of luck on your Mount Sinai interview!
  6. @ThisUserNameIsAlreadyTaken sorry to hear that! Was this the first time you heard from them or were you offered an interview first? Has anyone else heard from Brown??
  7. @GolgiGirl_ Congrats on your acceptance!! I agree with the response above! I recently spoke to a professor who is on the graduate acceptance committee at UCSD about what PhD programs look for. Relevant research experience is always the first thing. She said it's not so much about how prestigious the university is you got that research experience but rather who you worked with. So if you work under a great scientist who knows how to best mentor/equip you for your own project, you'll produce novel, meaningful research and any university is going to weigh your application heavier. So I defin
  8. Hi Everyone!! Ive also applied to a bunch of PREP programs this year (Brown, Yale, Hopkins, Indiana, Einstein, and OHSU). I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything from any of those schools and whether admissions are being delayed due to the coronavirus!? I'm constantly refreshing my emails for some information 😭
  9. Hi guys, I've applied to PREP this year (2020-2021) for neuroscience and had some questions for those who attended last year. 1. Can you tell me more about your experiences with PREP? 2. Is anyone in Brown PREP?? 3. Did you get admitted into your top grad school choices? Is there a precedent of students being admitted into the university you did PREP for grad school?! Any input is much appreciated!!!
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