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  1. When I emailed the program coordinator last week, she replied “Applications have been reviewed, and invitations are in the process of being sent. GTV received many outstanding applications, and the application system will be updated as soon as possible.” So, I’m not 100% sure, but I haven’t heard anything from them and she replied on Dec 22. 😕
  2. Yes! A bit nervous because the interview is only one day so less chances to mess up haha
  3. hiiii! I thought I would stop lurking and share my invites and stats just in case it helps anyone. Interviews: JHU CMM - Jan 14-15 (email Dec 21) JHU Pathobiology - Jan 7-9 (email Dec 18) Northwestern DGP - Feb 11-12 (idk why this will not un-bold) (email Dec 17) UCSD BMS - Initial date doesn't work for me so they are going to send me other dates (soon I think)? (email Dec 18) Duke CMB - Feb 4-5 (email Dec 16) Harvard BBS - Jan 19-22 (email Dec 18) Vanderbilt IGP - Feb 19 (just got back to me today, so it seems like they are still in the process
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