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  1. I am still waiting on Brandeis and NYU. does anyone know if they have offered spots to MS biology program? do they just not respond at all?
  2. Is anyone else scrambling to add applications into the mix that have rolling admissions? 😃 The longer it takes to hear back the more I want to add more applications into the mix! Still waiting on BU, NYU, Brandeis, Fordham, Drexel....but adding some more. If anyone knows some decent Masters Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Medical Bioscience programs that are rolling applications LMK.
  3. This might be a dumb question but for Undergraduate decisions, most schools send out decisions all at once. If a graduate program has passed it's application due date, do they follow similar suit, or do they simply respond as they go down through the applications?
  4. I am noticing on the results page of New York University and Boston University that some applicants to their PhD programs were declined but they were offered Masters programs. As a Masters applicant, I am wondering if they are focused on their PhD slots first and then offer those rejected (but strong applicants) spots in Masters programs before reading the Masters applications. Does anyone know the process?
  5. Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows how competitive the MS programs are at: Brandeis Tufts BU NYU Drexel Fordham i have a (3.1) GPA Cornell Biology and have decent lab work, great SOP and solid recs. 1 is the GPA going to be a problem for these programs? 2. which (if any) of these programs would allow me to apply to PhD program when complete (or during)? thanks!
  6. Does anyone know if schools prefer to accept PhD candidates who are "rejected" into their Masters programs over a Masters program candidate? I noticed on the results for NYU (for example), that many were accepted into Masters but they had applied to PhD and were declined.
  7. New to this forum.. I applied to MS Biology programs at: BU, Tufts, NYU, Fordham, Drexel, Brandeis, Quinnipiac. I am a bio major at ivy with 3.1 GPA and some decent lab experiences. I heard back immediately from Quinnipiac with acceptance (safety school). Does anyone know how competitive these MS programs are at these schools? I looked at past results and I see I should hear in March, but I have no clue what "stats" people had to gain acceptance to these non-ivy programs.
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