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  1. Hello, I am currently looking at the following departments in the main 14: Biochemistry Structural Biology Outside of the main 14 programs, I am also looking at bioengineering. I am trying to go for de novo protein design. Currently, I am still compiling all the schools I will apply for based on PIs. Once that is done, I will being work on writing personal statements/statement of purposes based on all the different schools requirements.
  2. Hello all, For the past day or so I have been trying to find PIs at different grad schools that work in, or related to, the following departments: biophyics/bioinfomatics/biochemistry (any life science/interdisciplinary field that can be or is involve in protein design). Another criteria is that their labs work must contain or solely focus on de novo protein design. Here I have complied a list of PIs with their school info. Some schools have more PIs that work in protein design that I did not list and some PIs are in more departments that I did not list. Also, the Rosetta commons website
  3. Got rejected from mit csb email: Thank you for your application to the MIT Computational & Systems Biology Graduate Program. As a small interdepartmental program that admits 6-8 students a year we have had a record number of over 370 applications from highly qualified applicants this year like yourself. We regret that we are unable to offer you a place in our program at this time.We greatly appreciate your interest in our program, and wish you the best of luck in pursuing your education. Please note that we are unable to provide you with individual feedback on your application.
  4. Anyone get any news from MIT CSB? (besides those who heard back last week) This delay is making me think that a few people might have rejected the interview and that they are trying to find some good applicants to invites instead (IDK just guessing). It also could be that they are working on grants or something (IK the sheer number of applicants this year might slow it down as well)
  5. What surprises me is that hardly no one reported their invites in Gradcafe results (I am not sure on the sample size we have here). I see that 2019 was also very unreported compared to the other years. I am just trying to grasp how many invites they sent out already. From what I can tell, they take like 25 people to interview per year (going by people who asked the question before).
  6. @andromeda12 @VirtualCell Did the MIT CSB give you a dead line to respond if you are going to interview with them or not? I am just wondering if they are seeing if the first wave of invitees are going to come or not before they invite more.
  7. I just msged MIT CSB got this: I sincerely apologize for the wait.Applications are still under review. We will provide an update by next week. Thank you for your patience.
  8. I wish everyone luck who applied to the MIT CSB program. We will find out in less than 12 hours I hope. I looked at posts from 2017 and they had said the same thing that results will be given and they ended up changing the date to the next week; I hope this does not happen!
  9. I forgot to ask, did a PI msg you or did the csbmit account msg you?
  10. Do you happen to know if your friend said they were done sending out invites? I know you said you did not know above, but just curious.
  11. I have a feeling that most were sent out for the mit csb yesterday. They might send some more today, but idk :(. I think we will get our rejection letters tomorrow or Friday probably. but best of luck everyone.
  12. I forgot to ask you about the date for the MIT csb. Did you call and ask or are you predicting the date for the application release as well?
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