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  1. I tried to email them today asking if they expect to accept people from waitlist and got no answer
  2. I am wondering at what time would you stop waiting on the waitlist and commit to an offer you already have. I am on two programs' waitlist . I am comfortable with one offer I had but there is one top choice ( mount sinai)that I am waiting but didn't give me update. So I am wondering at what time do you guys stop waiting on the waitlist and commit to the offer you have as Apirl 15th is coming
  3. My thing is I am international. So I guess its a different pool. I asked them on March 30th they are still processing but didn't tell me anything other than that like waitlist size when to update etc
  4. At least you have heard something from the school. Sinai has been radio slience, no waillist size, no date, no rank and no update... I have been really want to just commit but at the same time this year people are going to more interviews than they normally do so yes I dont know at the end.
  5. be careful, I am in kinda same situaton. but the dealine isn't 11:59 pm April 15th a lot of my school is 3pm EST / 4 Pm est for the deadline.
  6. I sent an continued interest email on the same day of the waitlist letter and they didn't respond back. I don't even know how many people are in the waitlist but looks like a lot.... Not sure if I should hold hope on this
  7. Anyone have any Idea when waitlist usually will respond if they can offer you a position? USC and Sinai have kept me slient on whats my rank and when I will know when I sent them email about those. I have a school that ask my decision on March 30th, trying to see if I want to keep waiting
  8. It has a designated sequencing center for NIH at UW. The Genomic program is highly ranked and well funded. berkeley isn't really great at medical field compared to other subject and fields bc its so close to UCSF. Another point is just through the roof rent in berkeley area
  9. I just received a waitlist email... This is honestly killing me !
  10. Interesting. I interviewed with Sinai 2019 Fall, they said they are expecting 43~~45 pre cohort. with around 9 people from each MTS and they have 3 interview dates with 9 people each. SO i figured its 2/3 chance. I guess its become much more competitive this time around
  11. nah I feel its too late. With a rejection from sinai, I am holding a record of 1/8 itnerview to offer. I just seriously want to know if anyting in the interview I was so wrong
  12. I am preparing for a rejection. but I am feeling so bad about it
  13. Its GDS. But I think they usually release result at the same time
  14. One of the people I met on the other chat said he got a call from his poi for th offer and official will be soon. I think its in the hand of the admission dean now. I am feeling beyond nervous as I got nothing
  15. If you applied PhD program I think you should email them and ask or check the spam folder . My friend who is waitlisted also got an email from the program
  16. none of my POIs is interviewing me and I have talked to my POI she had timeslot on that day. BUt yeah my interview went very well basically bc we talked happily on everything other than my reserach and research interest stuff. I personally don't want to say much but I also feel its kinda unfair to me as they seems to decided who to admit before interview.
  17. I kinda expected this after I received my interviewer list and how we didn't talk much about my research in the interview. But this is still hurt. Got my rejection from Tri-I CBM
  18. Got an official rejection from DUKE after interview, and based on the people getting unofficial from USC. I don't think USC is looking good for me also... Let's wait and see
  19. I applied CBB ( comp bio ) , I got it around mid January hope that helps.
  20. state school, and NIH funded program usually have internatioal unfreinedly
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