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  1. I got denied 😕. Out of all 14 schools I applied to, Sinai was the only one that really felt like exactly what I was looking for in a grad school. Definitely want to try and do a post-doc there or something in the future.
  2. They told us they were interviewing 270 people. They have 311 PhD students I estimated between 5.5 and 6 years to complete a PhD ~53 open seats per year if nothing else changes.
  3. I got invited to 2 interviews out of 14 schools. I completely bombed my first interview at Sinai. I had so much trouble explaining my own research. 😕 Sinai interviewed 270 people for 53 positions. People assume that they accept twice as many as they need to account for people accepting other offers so we're twice as likely to get denied after the interview than we are to be accepted. This year is different because of the virus so it might be even worse odds if the labs have less funding and Sinai could be especially affected by that because their stipend is so high.
  4. Yeah Same. Sinai is exactly what I'm looking for in a grad school. They only exist to improve patient care and that's why I got into science. The only other school I got accepted to seems to focus completely on training career scientists that get paid a lot. This is my second year applying. I'm considering just going with the other school but if Sinai is something you want, you might want to hold out and try again next year.
  5. Haha that's so funny I'm doing the same thing. Looks like the last couple years they sent out post-interview rejections on the same day so at least my refresh button might survive. In 2018 they made applicants wait a week for closure
  6. One of my Sinai interviewers said that they write a paragraph about us for Dr. O'Connell to read and then he ultimately decides so he has to read 810 comments from the reviewers. 😕
  7. It was 15-16 days after the last interview for the 2019 and 2020 cycles. It'll probably be either tomorrow or Monday.
  8. Just wanted to reply to this in case it helps somebody in the future. My Mount Sinai interview seemed like it was broken into 3 parts. I'm not sure if that was intentional, but that's what it seemed like. None of the faculty were on my faculty of interest. The first interviewer asked me about my research and went into specifics like cell types and reasoning and what my conclusion was. The second interviewer asked about my personal background like where I grew up but barely mentioned my research experience. The third interviewer asked why I wanted to go to Mount Sinai and then asked a little ab
  9. I wouldn't give up or settle for a school you're unhappy with. This is my second year applying and I have every intention of applying again next year if I'm not chosen.
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