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  1. Yes, I received the same document. I don't think it was an accident, I guess it was just convenient for them to make one document and send a mass email rather than do it individually. As far as I know, they want us to see and let them know if there's any error in the personal info or preferences on the document. Personally, I like how they sent it to everyone as it gives you a chance to see how many and who your fellow interviewees are, to know what people are interested in and to contact them before or after interview about their views on school, the interview process etc. I recently int
  2. I am an International applicant with a US degree, living in the States currently.
  3. I actually heard back from a member of admissions committee and interviewed with him for 30 minutes on Dec 28, 2021. When I asked about the next step, he said that the prelim interview would go on until late Jan, from which they select qualified applicants to a recruitment event. I haven't heard back from them ever since so I'm not sure if I wasn't selected or if they're still working on the selection process. Having said that, I interviewed for MOCB track of BISI, and the process might be different for the track you applied to.
  4. Just received a rejection, so I guess they're done giving out interviews, unless you're waitlisted.
  5. In that case, it might be because they are busy. The program administrator was supposed to be sending us the agenda for Jan 13-14 interviews but that hasn't been sent yet too.
  6. I emailed them with a list of faculty members who I'd like to meet (I replied to the email I received), a week after the interview invite email and I got a reply saying thank you for the names. I also received another mass email asking if my address was the same as entered in the form coz they want to send a gift for interviewing with them. I know they have rolling interviews, mine is Jan 13-14 which is why I might have received the email earlier (just a guess). But I'm pretty sure they'll respond.
  7. @k626 Thanks for the information! Do you happen to know if they are done sending out all interview invites? I haven't heard anything from them.
  8. @Arandavia Yes! I did it pretty last minute actually, Dec 1, at around 1 pm EST.
  9. @Arandavia Unfortunately, I do not know about that. I saw one more person besides me posting about interview from Cornell Microbio on the results section. I got a call asking if I'm free on the specific date in Feb. When I asked for more details, they said they'll send an email with details later in Jan. Since most of the schools send out invitations on rolling basis, I'd say there's still hope. Good luck!
  10. Hi all, I have been refreshing this page every hour for the last 1 month and would like to update my stats. International student with a US Masters degree, worked for 2 years in a research lab in academia, then another 1.5 years in a small R and D company. 1 review paper (co-first author), 1 research paper (middle author) published, 1 research paper (second author) in revision. 3 strong LORs; two from academic lab, 1 from industry. Applied (9 schools): UNC BBSP, Vanderbilt IGP, UPenn BGS CAMB, Duke MGM, Emory MMG, UVA BIMS, UMD MOCB, UW-Madison MDTP, Cornell Microbiology I
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