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  1. hello, I honestly dont care how prestigious university is , my goal could only be study and gain as much knowledge as I can , for so I dont know what universities are good in that field besides ivy legaue ones, do u have any suggeestions how can I search for them ? thank you!!
  2. Hello! thank you for the explanation that was helpful! as u said if I apply to both I will come off as being unsure of a Ph.D . why do u think so? or isnot it better to do that instead of paying money solery on masters?
  3. Hello! thats very detailed thank you! I got one question though, If I have poor gpa for my undergad(3.1 nearly) will it be a good decision to study masters for improve it and gain chances for a good school?
  4. Hello everyone! I wish u all the luck in upcoming interviews! I'm aiming to pursue computational biology once I get bachelor degree in computer science. I got couple of question for if you bother to answer ^^ 1. what is average gpa for you people? I read the messages and everybody is aiming for the best school wonder if I can as well?! 2. Can I apply for masters and PhD degree at the same program? or should I complete my masters before applying at PhD? Thank you all!
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