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  1. Deadline to respond is approaching and I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the virology work done at these two institutes (Scripps in Florida and UTMB)
  2. Ah fair! Thank for letting me know and congratulations! 🎉
  3. Heya, Are international students eligible for funding from BU? I had emailed them pre application season and had got a vague response to apply for a loan and so I didn't end up applying to the programme!
  4. Just got a strange email from the Skaggs-Oxford programme telling me to apply to the Oxford DPhil in Biochemistry. I was wondering has anyone else heard back and know what the process and timeline for this second stage of application is like?
  5. Yeah, I did ask and my PI was happy to provide a ref in the end!
  6. I haven't heard back from this programme but when I emailed I got this response: Unfortunately, we had one of the largest applicant pools on record, and you weren’t selected for our first round of interviews. While many applicants have already been rejected, the Admissions Committee decided to keep your application on file and it falls into group that would be revisited depending on the responses and timing of the first offers. However, any further consideration would not happen until late March. Sorry for the news, and please do let us know if you want us to keep your application
  7. Has anyone heard from UC Berkeley's Immunity and Infectious Disease (IDI) programme? I haven't even heard back from it for interviews! Also, any insight into UTMB vs Scripps, Florida for virology?? Am extremely torn between the two!!
  8. Has anyone heard back from the Infectious Disease and Immunity PhD programme? It's one of my top choices, but I haven't heard about interviews either? Has anyone been interviewed yet? I was told we'll heard end of Feb/early March, but I don't know if these are interview calls or decisions without interviews??? Thank you!
  9. Hey, I'm interested in virology and want to stay in academia. I've offers from Scripps in Florida (not the CA one) and UTMB, Galveston. Which would be better for grad training in virology? Which is more prominent/reputable? Additionally, can you transfer between Scripps campuses? Thanks!
  10. Hey, I'm interested in virology and want to stay in academia. I've offers from Scripps in Florida and UTMB, Galveston. Which would be better for grad training in virology? Which is more prominent/reputable? Thanks!
  11. When should I send out enquiry emails to potential grad schools if I want to apply to the programme? Should I send them out as soon as the programme starts to accept applications or even earlier than that? Thank you!
  12. Hiya, I am applying for microbiology/virology PhD programmes in the fall. Most applications require a minimum of 3 referees and a maximum of 5. I am on an integrated masters programme in the UK. I was wondering what the split between professors who have taught me (one to one teaching, so know me very well) and research supervisors? At the time of the application in Dec, I will have been about a month in into my masters year research project (start first week of Nov, Covid delayed everything). Should I ask my lab PI who is supervising my masters to write me a LoR despite the fact that he w
  13. Hiya, I am a student studying in the UK, looking to apply to virology/microbiology/immunology programmes in the US and Europe. I am unsure of how competitive applicants are the in the US and am afraid I my application isn't too competitive which is making it hard to figure out what sorts of schools and grad programmes I should be looking at. I'm interested in tropical infectious diseases (think dengue, chikungunya) but haven't actually had any research experience working with them. A bit of stats: I'm a integrated masters student in Biochemistry leading to a MBiochemistry degree
  14. Hi everyone, I'm new to the GradCafe and have just started prepping for the GRE and am having an exceptionally hard time coming up to ideas for the issue task. Here is one of the essays I have done recently, please feel free to criticise and give me feedback. "Claim: The best test of an argument is its ability to convince someone with an opposing viewpoint Reason: Only by being forced to defend an idea against the doubts and contrasting views of others does on really discover the value of that idea." Being able to convince someone with an opposing viewpoint would be the best test
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