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  1. Why you gotta make me look bad noooo 🙃 But in all seriousness, congrats and I hope you have a very relaxing time not having to worry about sending those apps out anymore (can’t relate) Did your recommenders already get their letters out? I just heard from my second one yesterday. Most schools usually accept the letters into January, right?
  2. He has already said the schools he is interested in. What about you? Where are you applying? I’m assuming Iowa, yes? You seem to be very concerned with its reputation.
  3. Hi @Taimur are you an international student already in a program or applying this round?
  4. So I am actually not able to see your signature on my end, but I am using my phone so maybe that’s why. Good point about the SOP. I really struggle between trying to sound like I know how much I can learn/gain from the program and sounding confident enough to be accepted or do well in one. For me, I think I mentioned most of them earlier in the thread. I will be taking out the fiction ones, even tho I REALLY would love to take a class with Mona Awad at Syracuse. So yeah I only have a handful of really selective ones for poetry. But I don’t want to spend all that time and money on 15+ applic
  5. Thanks for that! How do you feel this year with apps compared to before? Has what you like to write about changed a lot? I think it is a good sign that you have workshopped your story so much. Which programs are you most interested in, if I may ask?
  6. @mrvisser I used to think of myself as just a fiction writer, but now I am also obsessed with poetry. My problem is that my fiction always needs to have a rhythm to it and my poetry is always narrative. I think I’ve realized that I like poetry just a little bit more right now. I might just take an extra fiction class like @Ydrl said. I kind of forgot that was an option. Thanks both of you for your help. I am actually still writing my sample— ooof 😣. I am trying to just focus on what pieces make me the most excited and some of those are new. And yeah… I have only had communicat
  7. So I thought I was going to be applying for both fiction and poetry, but now I’m thinking that my poetry sample is a lot stronger. Do you think I should go with my gut and not apply for fiction or spend the fees and the time doing it anyway in case I am just second guessing myself? I’m not sure which I will regret more— not having tried to see where my fiction sample could get me or worrying too much about the fiction sample that my poetry apps suffer. Any advice? Has anyone changed their sample significantly since first deciding to apply?
  8. Hey @Ydrl! If you don’t mind, what kind of reservations are we talking about here that got you to the point of reapplying to another program?? Good luck to you as well. I hope you find someplace that feels more like home.
  9. Thanks for all these updates @lenagator1997 Maybe once the beginning bit of classes are over ppl will calm down. They are probably feeling imposter syndrome or something and bragging to make up for it.
  10. Leila Chatti has an excellent poetry collection called “Deluge” all about her struggles with an extreme bleeding illness. It is very good so far ! I haven’t finished it yet, but it is definitely about the body so you might be interested. It is pretty recent, too, since it came out in 2020. You should give it a try!
  11. Hi! Congrats on starting 🎉 Have the other students that were in the program before said anything about it being different because of COVID? I am just wondering about writing programs in general, tbh. I have been watching lots of pre-COVID videos on programs and I’m not sure if they are reliable to how stuff is run now. If that makes sense ?? Is it in person? And if not, do you still find it engaging/get a lot of resources?
  12. Hi there, Oubukibun! Glad to see you are also into poetry. Do those schools let you take a film class outside of the workshop? I think it’s good to have multiple projects going and I hope your screenplay is going well. What was your criteria when picking those programs for poetry, if I can ask?
  13. First off, congrats on graduating early and on your publication! You sound really cool. I also applied right out of undergrad and didn’t get in. I heard from professors that people almost NEVER get in right away because the programs like to see that you can write on your own without needing school deadlines and prompts. in general, mfas have a lot of free time to write and it is really up to you to motivate yourself. They also know people who are afraid to graduate might just want to use a masters as a safety bubble before having to work full time. Either way, if they find someone who is reall
  14. Thanks for starting this! Didn’t apply for the season getting results right now but did do some major lurking.
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