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  1. Hi! Congrats on starting 🎉 Have the other students that were in the program before said anything about it being different because of COVID? I am just wondering about writing programs in general, tbh. I have been watching lots of pre-COVID videos on programs and I’m not sure if they are reliable to how stuff is run now. If that makes sense ?? Is it in person? And if not, do you still find it engaging/get a lot of resources?
  2. Hi there, Oubukibun! Glad to see you are also into poetry. Do those schools let you take a film class outside of the workshop? I think it’s good to have multiple projects going and I hope your screenplay is going well. What was your criteria when picking those programs for poetry, if I can ask?
  3. First off, congrats on graduating early and on your publication! You sound really cool. I also applied right out of undergrad and didn’t get in. I heard from professors that people almost NEVER get in right away because the programs like to see that you can write on your own without needing school deadlines and prompts. in general, mfas have a lot of free time to write and it is really up to you to motivate yourself. They also know people who are afraid to graduate might just want to use a masters as a safety bubble before having to work full time. Either way, if they find someone who is reall
  4. Thanks for starting this! Didn’t apply for the season getting results right now but did do some major lurking.
  5. Hello! This will be my second time applying. (Didn’t apply last year but the year before.) I am starting much earlier this year than last time! So far, I am applying to Iowa (fiction), UMass Amherst (poetry), Stegner Fellowship @ Stanford (LOL- thought I’d give it a shot) and Michener. Going to be adding some more as I narrow it down.
  6. Good luck everyone!!! I applied last year but didn’t get in anywhere... the application season this year snuck up on me because I was working so much. It is my first year out of college. I’m still writing but miss the community and workshops. Anyone ever worry that their stuff is getting worse without a class/group to mentor you???
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