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  1. Congrats! Our group is Dalhousie SLP 2022
  2. I'm not sure if someone's already made a group for Dalhousie students, if so please let me know and I'll delete mine. If not, please feel free to join! Search Dalhousie SLP 2022 on facebook
  3. Thanks for sharing! I emailed the grad admin when I got my letter asking about funding opportunities so I’ll let you know if she says anything you haven’t already mentioned. I think my first semester I’m just going to try and survive, forget “top 5” ._. I wonder how many cohorts there are in the program though? Seems like there’s quite a few on gradcafe so Dal’s SLP program may be bigger than most grad programs (pure speculation).
  4. - Do something that “sparks joy” and commit yourself to doing it well. - Teach your pet a new trick and focus on their progress (bonus points if you give them post-play snuggles) - Get outside (if the weather is reasonable). Don’t underestimate the power of fresh air! - Reorganize your music library. Make new playlists based on mood, activities, or genres. - Take a break from gradcafe. This was one that I needed myself. The forum is awesome and it feels great to talk to people who get what you’re going through, but the results section can be really stressful, especially if you’re like me and need to compulsively check it every ten minutes when you’re here. - Give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to feel if distraction isn’t helpful. You’re okay; this isn’t where you fall apart.
  5. Got my acceptance this afternoon as well for Dal! Congrats!! Do you know anything about potential funding? I didn’t apply for the thesis option so I don’t know if there’s any funding allocated for non-thesis students. To those of you waiting, I hope you all hear back soon. I’m sending good vibes your way ❤️
  6. Thank you for this! Do you know if they did interviews?
  7. I highly recommend Brooklyn 99! The first season is shaky but then it’s all uphill from there. If you like musical shows ..... have you seen Galavant?
  8. I emailed UofT and McGill clinical but neither has responded yet. I haven’t seen any acceptances in the results for either program, so I’m thinking they haven’t sent out their first round of admissions. My friend got her refusal letter from mcgill a few weeks ago so I think maybe if you haven’t heard from them, you might still be in the running? Has anyone interviewed or heard back from either McGill or UofT clinical? In other news, I contacted someone at Dalhousie and she told me that first round of offers have gone out and they’re waiting on responses before sending the next round. She also told me that they don’t send rejection letters until there’s no spots left to offer. I hope we all hear back soon!
  9. Yeah I wish there was more consistence with the whole interviewing process. Some schools do it, others don’t, some do it if the potential supervisor wants one, it makes it hard to know where I stand. I don’t know about the Statistics or Speech-Language Pathology programs I applied to, but the websites didn’t mention interviews so I’m still holding out hope for those. Thanks for your well wishes
  10. I love Grace and Frankie! I almost always have community or Brooklyn 99 on as background noise while I work. Clearly you have great taste in television so I’ll have to check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  11. This! I’m having such a hard time figuring what to do because I don’t know what’s ahead. I’m the kind of person who needs to know what’s happening next because I’m an over planner. This whole experience has forced me to deal with my fear of the unknown at the very least.
  12. The gym is smart, I find that even a brisk walk outside can do wonders to clear my head. I should do it more often! What kind of funny tv do you have on the go right now? I hope you hear from your top program soon so you can make an informed choice
  13. I was working on my undergrad thesis for a year and half (designing a communications skill-building workshop and then implementing it) and then ethics took forever to come through. It’s my fault because I was supposed to submit ethics (to study the effectiveness of the program) in November but ended up hospitalized for emergency gallbladder surgery. The recovery had complications and long story short - I didn’t submit my ethics application until December. Heard back in February and needed substantial revisions so I didn’t get clearance until early March. When I contacted the non-profit I’m collaborating with about beginning my research they said they wouldn’t know about funding for the next cycle until April. My thesis is due on March 25th and I had to start from scratch last week (thankfully my thesis advisor has data from another project that she’s letting me use, but I have to do everything again from my lit review to my discussion and analysis). I’m exhausted and stressed, my teammates for a group project were so useless I ended up doing the entire thing (they couldn’t even be bothered to add their student numbers to the google doc). I had a root canal in August and after 7 months of ongoing pain, filling and refilling, my endo suspects my tooth may be fractured and may need to be removed (goodbye to the 500$ I had to spend after copay). I’ve always been good with money but my SO needed to take time off from work (she has bp1 and was experiencing a mixed episode) and her company had shit short-term disability (I.e no short term disability) so we racked up a bunch of debt. I’m glad she found a new job with better sick benefits but it’s going to take some time to tackle our mountain of collective debt. During this time we also ate through all of our savings, including the money we had started putting aside for our engagement rings. I’m sad that our engagement has been put on hold on top of everything else 😕 Feels good to write it all out *sigh*
  14. For those of you who are still waiting for responses while finishing your current degree, how are you managing your stress? How are you staying focused and motivated? I’m in the last few weeks of my undergrad and my fear of the unknown has been eating me alive. I tried to distract myself by throwing myself into what’s left of my semester but have instead found that the longer the waiting game becomes, the less interested in school I become. I know it’s in my best interest to apply myself 120% in these last few weeks (especially if I don’t end up getting any offers, I want my application next year to be that much stronger), but I just can’t shake the apathy that’s slowly taking over (“why bother working on my thesis?” “I don’t need an A+ to get my degree ...”). I know it’s destructive but I feel almost out of control. Some strategies I’m going to try to employ are: 1) dedicating a set amount of time to work on schoolwork (no less than say, 4 hours a day) so that everything still gets done. I find I’m more apt to finish something once I’ve convinced myself to start it 2) instead of trying to distract myself with school; journaling, talking to folks on grad cafe, or speaking earnestly with my friends and my partner about my fears and worries 3) finding a little time every day to snuggle my cats and benefit from their healing purrs 4) picking a new song to learn on my harp and focusing on learning it well (I find it’s hard to think about school when I’m actively trying to learn something new) I feel like writing this down was not only therapeutic, but will also help me hold myself accountable. Feel free to do the same! How are you managing your stress and apathy? We’re going to get through this together (Sorry if this thread already exists, I looked through the first couple of pages of the waiting game and didn’t see anything. Let me know if I need to remove this or repost in another topic and I’ll happily oblige)
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