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  1. Hey folks, can somebody help me? We need to indicate our residence address when applying for a visa, but there's only amount of living allowance and no info on that in my scholarship letter. Are we supposed to register at student housing/elsewhere ourselves before applying for a visa? I've sent the inquiry to my 1st year university about that, but I thought I'd also ask here.
  2. Hey, just wanted to say that I relate to your post a lot. First of all, people making this sort of comments are simply impolite and ignorant, I've come to the conclusion it's best to just ignore them and focus on your progress. Which sounds amazing on your part! Progress is not a linear thing, so just celebrate and concentrate on your achievements, how ever small they might seem at first. I feel like the more effort you put into it, the better results you get. I've also been this awkward, too silent type in my undergrad time, but presenting came more easily because I just wore this self-confident mask for a certain amount of time. I'm not sure this will work for you, but you can try to practice some power poses before your speech or presentation to set the mood, and then just fake it from there, no other way around it. 😊 I've recently watched Ted Talk by Maisie Williams and as confident as she seems, she still had her hands shaking slightly throughout the whole thing. So yeah, we're not alone in this, and good luck to you in your progress!
  3. Hi, congrats!! I've also been accepted, but with accommodation in a shared room. Are you going to accept the offer? Btw, are you in a 1 year program? Because I'm in a 2 year one, and in their info they didn't mention pre-session in Budapest, saying that they'll publish schedule later but we'll more likely start in Vienna.
  4. I thought I answered, but I can't see my answer now, strange Anyway, I figured that Sociology went first, because I received rejections from Sociology and International Relations on March 28st and 31st. But maybe the order after that (of acceptance/wait lists process) is different, or maybe departments just work separately from each other? Honestly it's all too confusing. I also emailed Gender Studies after your message, waiting for the answer.
  5. I am honestly so impressed with how everyone here is handling the agonizing wait. I mostly just half-heartedly do my freelance work, and then spend most of the time worrying. So, good luck to everyone
  6. Not working full time but not sleeping either is also a pretty good combination
  7. Good luck to you too! I have a feeling scholarships won't be so generous this year though, because they're moving to Vienna
  8. Hm, "what were you doing"? You mean to say everyone is not checking their email constantly like I do?
  9. Thanks, yeah, seems like it! From now on we're either wait-listed or accepted. The wait is making me so anxious though
  10. Hey! I'm also waiting to hear from them. I'm guessing Gender Studies must have the highest number of applicants (understandable) and that's why they still haven't sent us the resultss. We'll just have to wait till April 1st then.
  11. Hey guys, I also applied from KZ, still no answer. For anyone still waiting... Let's hope they won't keep us in the dark for much longer : )
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