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  1. Hi, she told me the same thing. However, I wonder when is the deadline of them to make their decision
  2. York they tried to do before may
  3. One year full time and 2 years part time
  4. Does anyone apply to msw 2 years part time program at York?
  5. Kinda in a waitlist situation
  6. Hi there, are you in one year full time program?
  7. The graduate program assistant told me they will finish sending offer by may hopefully
  8. Are you in one year program or 2?
  9. I dun think is a common experience for first time applicants
  10. I can only tell u to go to the website to hv a look of the 2 years msw program.. And fro tuition is around 7000-8000 one year
  11. Hiiii, yours is full time or part time program.?
  12. Hi, how come you aplied bsw n msw hahah just try to get to msw so dun hv to worry abt the bsw
  13. Full time msw? Or part time?
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