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  1. Thanks so much for making the group! I will join shortly thanks again! Look forward to meeting everyone
  2. Thanks so much for looking! I guess we can go ahead and start one and I've done the same thing today ahah! Do you know if classes are every day?
  3. I can look it up after work and if there isn't one already we can definitely start one
  4. I am definitely interested do we know if there's a group yet or should we make one?
  5. Congratulations, this is so so wonderful! We are going to be classmates and I so look forward to meeting you
  6. Officially joined the wait-listed at UofT club! I will be accepting Laurier so would be happy to connect with some future classmates congratulations to everyone who got acceptances today!!
  7. That's so amazing, a huge Congratulations!!! This gives me hope that I might still be accepted to uoft (currently on my way home to check the mailbox- the suspense!!!!). Congrats again
  8. Amazing! congratulations Did your status change on acorn? I am still waiting for my letter ahah
  9. Huge Congratulations, you must be so relieved and excited P.S. We are going to be classmates!
  10. Has anyone whose acorn didn't change to invited received an acceptance package?
  11. Congratulations!! We're going to be classmates
  12. Hi there, I applied and have not heard back yet. My acorn didn't change, my sgs still says "under review", and I have yet to receive a letter (although this might be because I live outside of Toronto and the long weekend)...
  13. Thank you so much! Your experience and background sound very impressive, and it sound like you have a lot of relevant experience and a great GPA so you make an amazing candidate! There might me multiple waves of admissions, I honestly have no idea how it works but I am sure you will hear soon
  14. I know how nerve-wracking this process is, and honestly I am quite shocked because after not hearing back from U of T (still waiting for the letter) I was so discouraged and thought for sure that I have no change of getting in, so this came completely unexpectedly! Just hang on there and try to distract yourself, you will get the email, I am sure they don't send them all all at once so I am crossing my fingers for you! Have you applied anywhere else? I am currently finishing up my undergrad in health and psychology with an A average. I have very diverse experiences (like the food bank,
  15. Thank you so much! I am crossing my fingers that you hear soon! And yes, I also got a 10k scholarship
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