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  1. Has anyone who's on the waitlist for the Laurier September online two-year program heard anything? I just want to know how much longer I should hold out hope
  2. Thanks! I just got an email from them saying Im on the waitlist.... good luck to everyone else!
  3. Thanks so much! People have mentioned previously that they were looking on Loris and I didn't understand where they were looking. I guess I'll wait for an email, I still haven't heard anything.
  4. Where are all of you seeing where you get accepted/rejected on Loris??
  5. I sent an email (I posted it below). Angela got back to me within minutes saying thank you and that my intention to stay on the waitlist is in my file now and there's no need to send the cut-off paper in. Hope that helps! Dear Factor-Inentash Faculty of Social Work,This email is to confirm that I, Alysha Bernstein-Sidenberg, wish to remain on the waitlist for the 2-year MSW this year. I will also be mailing in the cutoff sheet at the bottom of my waitlist letter but I thought I would take the opportunity to email as well. Thank you so much for your continued consideration of my applicatio
  6. I got my waitlist letter for the 2-year at UofT today....trying not to be too upset. I am thinking about Humber's Addiction and Mental Health Certificate Program, which is only a year and then I can apply again for MSWs. Also applying to Laurier for their 2-year online MSW. Anyone have any advice about Humber or a good way to spend the year before re-applying?
  7. I created a profile just to respond to this post! I live in downtown Toronto as well and have heard absolutely nothing from UofT for the 2-year MSW program. Does it truly mean that there is no hope for us? I am a ball of anxiety and have started looking at certificate programs and other social services work I can do until I can apply again next year. I am a mature student and really need to get out into the work force. Does anyone know anything about this?
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