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  1. Hello! I was waitlisted last year for the UofT 2 year program and am re-applying this year. Wondering if anyone has any insight into how much I should be changing my written statement? I have another year's worth of new experience now and so am planning on adding that in in bits and pieces..but there are a lot of parts of my old statement that I still would really like to keep.
  2. Also wondering this! Thinking that there might be more movement since June 1st was the last day to pay?
  3. I know someone who was waitlisted, ended up getting accepted, and then decided to defer for a year! the second last question on the official FAQ page says that UofT permits a deferral of one year only. https://socialwork.utoronto.ca/admissions/msw/admissions-faqs/
  4. It said nearly 700 people applied and 130 were accepted Does anyone know if the 130 includes both 2year AND advance standing students or just the 2year?
  5. found out I'm also on the waitlist for UofT 2year! happy since it's my first year applying but wondering how many other people are on the list! also find it strange that in previous years people found out they were on the waitlist before others found out they were accepted...
  6. Does anyone have an idea of how many applicants UofT puts on their waitlist for the 2year MSW?
  7. Has anyone else still not heard anything at all from UofT 2year?
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