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  1. Oh okay I sent mine in yesterday, hope to hear back soon!
  2. Wooo!! Dont think I got email back yet, when did you send yours to her?
  3. Super super excited, it still doesn’t feel real! I know I have this weird fear that they’re going to email me back and say the acceptance was a mistake lol but that’s just me being silly. Looking very much forward to the fall!
  4. Yes I submitted yesterday. As of now when I look on financial account on acorn the 500 is on credit balance. Me too, I’ve been hoping to get confirmation that she received my decision, hopefully soon!
  5. Hey! I was as well, and have not yet received confirmation that she received my forms. Was wondering the same thing.
  6. on academics under degree registration status there is an orange ‘invited’ button and it now says SW MSW 2 2021-2022
  7. Hi i’m kinda freaking out right now and don’t want to get my hopes up: on my Acorn I see that I now have invited status but have not yet received an email... does this mean I have been accepted, and if so when should I be expecting email confirmation or a change on SGS?
  8. second letter of the last name is i. does anyone know how long I can expect to hear a decision via email or SGS?
  9. Hi guys, last name letter S My acorn just changed and has the invited status on degree registration status. Does this mean i’m going to receive an offer of admission?!
  10. Yeah, that wouldn’t make sense if only people with last names of first half of alphabet only got accepted. Wish they would send out rejections/waitlist before offers of acceptance....
  11. AH this is too much I need to just know.... bring on the last letters of the alphabet aha!
  12. Another day of reviewing the good ol’ forum and refreshing the same sites! Hoping people from second half of the alphabet begin hearing back soon.
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