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  1. Hey, I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m almost 100% sure it’ll be online. There’s no way, especially with these new variants, that they could make it in-person. At most it would be hybrid. I also have a job and had the same concern but my boyfriend who works at the university says that universities have to put out hope because it’ll validate their tuition costs. They won’t have to decrease or change tuition if they say nothing is changing. I think you’ll be fine and a masters will open more dream jobs for you so if you can, I’d say go for it! And I’m sure It will be online.
  2. For those who accepted their uoft offers. Are both the first 2 lines of the condition of acceptance referring to the transcript? First paragraph says complete record and the second asks for a transcript.. are those 2 different things? I thought the transcript would be a complete record as well. Sorry, I’m just confused.
  3. I just received my rejection from YorkU I already accepted my offer from uoft which was my first choice so no hard feelings at all. Goodluck to the rest of you!
  4. Hey, I just got the email from Angela confirming the receipt of the 3 signed documents! Hopefully you got yours too
  5. Is anyone planning on making a group for the 2 year MSW at uoft? It would be nice to connect with some of you all before fall so please feel free to private message me we can get a heads up on building connections.
  6. Okay phew! That’s a relief. It still seem so surreal, like it’ll get taken back any second lol. Hopefully soon:) and can’t wait to meet you all this fall! Please private message me if anyone wants to get in touch before the fall
  7. There isn’t as of yet, I was going to make one by the end of the week once everyone received their letters and hopefully made a decision but feel free to also take the initiative if you want to make it sooner
  8. York always takes the longest. Expect to hear back in June 😕
  9. Have either of you submitted the deposit? I did and it’s sitting as credit in my account. They also haven’t confirmed my acceptance and I’m just overthinking lol.
  10. I haven’t! I also send in my deposit and my account says (refundable credit 500) so I’m confused. 😩 when did you email your confirmation? I did mine Friday evening so maybe it takes time?
  11. Love this. Honestly I was waitlisted last year and didn’t have much to change in my application other than another year of experience in the same job I had for several years😕 (I was not confident and almost didn’t reapply but I did and I got accepted on Thursday!) The one thing I did differently was really taking time and focus on my personal statement. I think people on this forum are focused in on the experience aspect of the application (which is definitely important but don’t beat yourself over opportunities that you can’t help.) I genuinely believe your statement is where you can really s
  12. Does anyone know if this uoft school year will be in person or online?
  13. I wonder how many people applied to uoft and how many they’re accepting
  14. I got notified by email at 10 something this morning to check my decision but acorn and Sgs were also updated. Goodluck!
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