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  1. Mine looks the exact same! I wonder if it's because the system isn't used to courses only being 2 weeks long, so it thinks they're all happening concurrently? I also tried out that "proof of enrolment" form to test whether it's registering that I signed up for all 4 courses, and it's considering me a part time student despite signing up for all 4... I really want Madge to email us lol I want answers for all of this!!!
  2. I wonder when Madge is going to email us information. It starts in less than 2 months a other than the course registration, I feel like I'm in the dark lol!
  3. Yes I have a feeling waitlists will have less movement this year after all the deferrals last year. Fingers crossed once York sends out their decisions that we have at least a bit of movement with the other schools!!
  4. I think mine took a couple of days for sure! I checked maybe a day or two after I got my offer and there was nothing, and then I didn't check for awhile but next time I logged on it was there. Not a great answer here lol, but it definitely takes a little bit to show up!!
  5. Thank you so much, that is so helpful!!
  6. Hiya, does anyone know how OSAP works for this program? It starts at such a weird time in the year that I'm not sure how to go about applying for OSAP. Do we apply for 2020-2021 school year to cover Jul-Aug and reapply once 2021-2022 is available for the rest of the months?
  7. I personally went ahead and formally accepted my offer to Orillia, however I plan to remove myself from the acceptance pool if I hear back good news from the MSW program I applied to before the July start of this HBSW. I have a funny feeling that most people who were accepted to this program and 2 yr MSW programs probably didn't bother declining this offer and are simply going to let it expire on it's own (April 30th deadline). If anyone in that position is reading this: please go on to OUAC and decline your acceptance if you don't plan to attend the HBSW!! It's stressful being on a waitl
  8. I really think that you could! I know at my workplace (CMHA) we have some clinical based positions/positions that would work as a good foot in the door for clinical roles, and while they require a MSW +registration for some of those positions, they don't specifically focus on what school it came from when hiring because experience is much more favoured. I'd suggest taking part in as many clinical professional development and clinical-based volunteer opportunities as you can over the next 2 years, and those will help out with future job apps in tandem with your MSW Not sure what Wind
  9. Hey, not sure how helpful I'll be here cause I'm not speaking from first hand experience, but someone earlier in this thread said that for Windsor they just contacted the admissions contact (so whether you've been contacted by a specific person from Western, or simply just socialwork@kings.uwo.ca) and said they'd like to revoke their acceptance. Congrats on multi-school acceptances!!! That's amazing!
  10. Congrats to everyone getting Laurier acceptances!! I did my undergrad there and absolutely LOVED the school and city :') Definitely good reason that it ranks #1 in student satisfaction year after year. Best of luck to everyone still waiting!!
  11. I wonder if it might be worth reaching out to Madge about the status of your Orillia app? I'd assume Orillia had more applicants so it's totally possible they're still working through them, but I think it's worth asking if maybe your MyInfo has simply not been updated yet That being said I definitely don't think being waitlisted at one school means it didn't work out for the other one!!! Good luck! Hold out for May/June and I'm sure you'll get the news you're hoping for!
  12. Hey! Someone in the other thread said 4 wks from letter date. Hope this helps and best of luck!!
  13. I haven't been able to find anything. In my mind I was thinking maybe 10-15 spots total given that the entire program is only 20 people, but it seems like we have about 10 people just on this forum alone! I think UoT and Laurier decisions will be the thing that gets the ball moving for Western, so fingers crossed we'll see some more movement this month!
  14. Well in that case...Listen people, by all means, decline your offers to Western LOL (just kidding - I bet you're right, it is a pretty expensive program compared to some other ones given the lack of funding, so I can see that being a deterrent)
  15. Western seems to have a larger waitlist than I expected (based on replies to this forum) for such a small program!! So many of us here twiddling our thumbs waiting to hear if we got off it lol. STRESS!!
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