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  1. Any news on the Laurier MSW advance track wait list??? I’m still hoping but feeling kinda defeated… 😕
  2. Hi ! I was waitlisted in the beginning of March, have you seen any movement?
  3. I’m still on the waitlist for Laurier advance standing, this is the worst!!
  4. Anyone heard anything regarding lauriers advance standing MSW waitlist ? This waiting game is killing me
  5. Hi there! Congratulations on your acceptance! I was put on the waitlist for this program, and I was wondering if you were initially waitlisted? Or when you were accepted?
  6. For the full time in person advance standing! Sorry should have been more specific but I feel you this is brutal
  7. Anyone hear anything about the Laurier advance standing?
  8. Hi everyone! I have been creeping this page for awhile now, but I thought it’d be nice for you guys to have some info from me LOL. I have my BSW from Laurier and I applied to western and Laurier fast track MSW programs for the fall. I really should have applied to more!! Declined from Western Waitlisted from Laurier on March 24! Anyone accepted from this realm? Or anyone have info for me if you have been accepted to the fast track? They said I have until august to be accepted and I’m just going crazy. You guys have helped me feel sane no one gets it!
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