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  1. I never thought to include my stats: I was accepted to Carleton with an 11.42 GPA on a 12 pt scale (~3.94 on a 4.0 scale). I had 24,243 hours of work in total, with about 7500 hours of teaching experience as some of the most pertinent, 588 placement, and 1771 volunteer. I am in my fourth year of my bsw, and previously completed my ssw and 3/4 of a fine arts degree. I was offered two scholarships from Carleton that I will be happily accepting. Good luck to you all, I hope your wait is short and celebrations long!
  2. Also received my acceptance to 1-year at Carleton ~ just trying to digest the funding package now!
  3. Mines changed twice in the last half an hour and now says review in progress by faculty of graduate and postdoctoral affairs. FINGERS CROSSED!
  4. How long did you have to change once your status changed to “review in progress by department”? Mine changed today to review in progress by department- fingers crossed it’s a quick turn around!
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