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  1. I go to SLU and am a CSD major! If anyone has questions feel free to DM me!
  2. This is really dependent on your current situation! If you've been accepted to a grad program this cycle, you may want to reach out to their department and see where they would accept transfer credits from, or if you're taking a gap year/retaking a class for a better grade, you might want to hold off until you've been formally accepted to a program so you know your credits will transfer. However, if you're still in undergrad and are trying to take the prereqs as graduation requirements or to put on your transcript before you apply in the next few years, you might want to contact your academic advisor to see what schools your institution accepts credits from. Personally I've taken a few online-only summer classes from my local community college over the summer, but I've had friends who have done the same thing and not had their credits transfer because our university didn't accept credits from their schools.
  3. Ohio State sent everyone that they accepted with funding info in January! If you haven't received any sort of funding notification yet, it's probably pretty unlikely you're going to.
  4. Congratulations on your acceptance, and on your interviews!!! I'm still waiting to hear back from UW Madison. The anticipation is so stressful!!
  5. Hey everyone! Purdue sent out their invitations to interview this morning! I'm super excited, one step closer to getting an admissions decision
  6. Has anyone applying to Cincinnati heard anything about filling out the supplemental application??
  7. For me personally I submitted my applications to CSDCAS back in November, prior to having any LORs in because I had a December 15th deadline. My application was processed in about 4 days, and my professors were able to submit letters after I had submitted my materials. I'd get your materials submitted as fast as you can, but I really doubt it'll take a full 4 weeks for them to verify your stuff since most schools seem to have a January 1 deadline.
  8. Hi all! I'm currently in the process of applying to Au.D. programs for grad school, and I'm really interested in the AuD Consortium at UW Madison, but I can't find any information on stats for admitted students. Does anyone know the average GPA/GRE of students admitted to the program? Or where to find it? I've checked both Edfind and the website!
  9. Hi guys! I'm also applying this cycle-- to OU as well (!)-- and I'm super nervous. Good luck to you all!!
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