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West Lafayette, IN

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I'm sure this is already in this subforum somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Anyway, I just accepted an offer for Fall 2019 at Purdue! I visited the school twice during the past year and really loved the campus and the area seems nice despite being fairly small. I would love to hear current students' experiences and advice when it comes to living in West Lafayette, especially apartments, grocery stores, things to do, etc. Thanks!!

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Hi Mataharii, congrats for your acceptance! Yes there is a thread on this already in City Guide that you may want to check out. 

I have family and friends in both West Lafayette and Greater Lafayette and for fun they do a lot of biking, swimming and other sports. Indiana has lots of parks and wide open space. They also like the breweries and the Farmers markets, and  the Fresh Thyme grocery store. There are some really good sushi and other asian food restaurants pretty much everywhere.  They go down to Indianapolis or up to Chicago whenever they want some big city fun. 

It's true that there are alot of drunk undergrads around the Purdue campus on the weekends so if you like quiet you might live further away.

If you're Catholic , then check out the student parish of St. Tom's. They are a great community and have lots of activities year round. 

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