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  1. Apologies in advance if there is a better place to ask this - I'm not super familiar with school psych PhD programs or this particular forum, as I applied to clinical psych programs only this cycle. I am considering applying to school psych phD programs for the upcoming cycle, as I think they may better suit my interests/goals. I am having trouble, however, finding information about whether these programs are typically funded (which programs provide partial funding, full funding, RA/teahcing opportunities, assistantships, etc). If anyone is a dual clin/school psych PhD applicant or has any ins
  2. My master's was in general-experimental psych (it was a 5 year program to complete my BA/MA), which included general psych classes (psychopathology, ethics, survey methodology, etc.) then additional training in advanced research methods and stats. I felt that the joint general-experimental emphasis prepared me well to pursue a PhD because it emphasized research, however it does lack that clinical component obviously since it's not a clin psych degree. Hope this helps!
  3. I have not heard back from HPCS post-interview, either. Wasn't sure whether to take the person's post from yesterday to mean I was rejected... Did you receive the e-mail last week about their funding holding things up?
  4. Anyone know if it is appropriate to ask the person you interviewed with when I can expect to hear back about a decision? It wasn't mentioned in my interview but I don't want to hurt my chances by asking something inappropriate. Thank you so much!
  5. Anyone on here get an e-mail that they were waitlisted for UVA's clinical/school psych program? I've read about some schools sending out waitlist e-mails that really just stand in as a rejection so I'm wondering if anyone knows whether there is a legit waitlist. I'm a little skeptical considering I didn't even interview (unless it's a waitlist for an interview ?) Thanks!
  6. Along these lines, I had thought that the components of my application were pretty well-balanced and fairly strong, which has led me to wonder a lot lately (after receiving no invites at all this far), which part of my application sunk me? It’s been driving me nuts the past few days and I’d like to know what specifically prevented me from getting in (for my next round of apps). Naturally, I just assumed there was some part of my application that turned off the admissions committee. Now that I’m reading others’ posts though, I’m wondering if there is a possibility that nothing was actually wron
  7. Can't tell you how comforted I am to see that others are in the same boat .. I keep seeing first-time applicants, many of whom are still in undergrad, posting about potential next steps if they don't get it and speculating about MAs and getting some research experience to boost their chances. Meanwhile I'm nearly 4 years of research experience + an MA out and haven't had much luck so far. Thank you for being transparent. I think there is truly something to be said for those of us who are feeling discouraged after taking the extra steps just to see that it may not even give us the edge after al
  8. Anyone have any thoughts about the importance of answering a phone call from a possible POI/school vs letting it go to voicemail and calling back? Do we think faculty mind us letting it go to voicemail or there would be a chance they won't leave one if we don't answer? Probably relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but wanted to see what others think.
  9. Worth mentioning that even with multiple years of FT research exp + a MA, it's still very possible not to get in. Feeling like it really boils down to the year you apply and a lot of other uncontrollable factors 🙃😀 We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. Hang in there, everyone
  10. Was wondering this as well. Haven’t heard anything yet and not much is posted on the website..
  11. I applied to a lot of schools in the east as well and haven't heard back. I agree it's probably just them doing a meticulous job getting through the applications so hopefully no bad news. No word from BU, Suffolk; and just a general e-mail from UMB saying faculty will contact us at end of Jan.
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