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  1. Hi, Due to the pandemic, I wonder does the school will wave GRE? Thanks
  2. Hi, I wonder do you guys have any suggestion, tips, conference, workshop,... for incoming PhD Biostatistics? Thanks
  3. Hi, I wonder is there any website show ranking I/O department. I got an offer from University of Akron, and would like to know more about this program (job placement, faculty,...). Love to hear any feedback . Thanks
  4. Undergrad Institution: top 100 us new Major(s): Mathematics Minor(s):Business Analytics GPA: 3.7 Type of Student: International , Male GRE General Test: Q: 165 V: 140 W: 3.0 Programs Applying: (PhD Statistics/ PhD Biostatistics) Research Experience: Research Assistant for Economics professor (1 year) (same as data analysis) Project in Applied Statistics (got funding for 1 semesters) 2 manuscripts allmost done 1 summer research at NCSU Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Top 5 students for 3 years (awards total $10k), passed first 2 exams Actuary during freshman Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Tutor for 8 semesters, 2 semesters holding 1 credit course Letters of Recommendation: Strong letter of recommendation!!! Math/Statistics Grades: calculus sequence, mathematical statistics sequences, intro to analysis, survival analysis, machine learning, bayesian, stochastic process, applied statistics sequences, DE, linear algebra, advance linear algebra, stats computing, stats consulting, probability and statistics sequences. 3 B otherwise A Applying to Where: Accepted: Virginia Commonwealth University (Biostats), University of Cincinnati (Stats), Texas Tech (Math stats), University of Colorado (MS Biostats), Oklahoma State Uni (Stats) University of Mississippi (biostats), UC Riverside (MS stats), Michigan Tech Uni (stats) Waitlisted: Colorado State University (Stats) Rejected: Uni Connecticut, Uni Georgia, Southern Methodist University, University of Missori (ALL STATS)
  5. I got a financial support but I am not sure whether they sent all of the funding.
  6. It was about a month ago. They had 13 admitted students with 4 student got offers financial support
  7. I have not heard from them. Last week, I emailed them, but they said still under review!
  8. does anyone hearing from PSU biostatistics?
  9. Yup, I asked the same question and got the same answers. Will you attend to the visit day on March 6? @SomeNerd Thank you for your information, I applied TTU because I interested in one professor in department, however, Texas is not my best place to stay for over 5 years :)))
  10. Thanks for both of advices! Right now, I am considering Denver vs VCU. Because Denver does not likely offer PhD for B.S, I got accept to Master instead. However, they said I am a top candidate for MS program so I will be receive funding and they said if I past qualify exam after my 1st year, I can move to PhD program smoothly, but not guaranty. I try to avoid to apply PhD program again,... but Denver is one of my top program....
  11. Hi, I got accepted into some program, and try to decide to choose one, I wonder can you guys give me some suggestion? My goal is going into industry after my PhD. Texas Tech University - PhD Mathematics and Statistics (tuition + 16k/years) University of California Irvine - Master in Statistics University of Colorado, Denver - Master in Biostatistics (information financial support will come in 2 weeks) Virginia Commonwealth University - PhD Biostatistics (tuition +30k/year) University of Cincinnati - PhD in Statistics (tuition + 20k/year) University of Mississippi - PhD in Biostatistics (tuition +24k/year) I still have 6,7 programs not heard, yet. Thanks
  12. @cl27 Hi, I wonder did you get the offer for master or PhD biostatistics in UC Denver? If PhD, do you have the master degree?
  13. Congratulation on your offer! I wonder did you apply for statistics or biostatistics?
  14. I got my first offer in Biostats program at VCU. What are you guys thinking about this university?
  15. Hi, Because I will receive my B.S degree in US, I will not take the TOEFL. However, I took a lot of English and English as Second Language and received all A. Do you think this will somehow help me profiles? If not, I may consider taking TOEFL. Thanks
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