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  1. Auburn University Counseling Psychology PhD. Message me if you'll be at Auburn!
  2. I’m in the same position. I’m honestly just going to hold until April 15th because five years of my life is worth another two weeks and I hope a program could understand that. I really would prefer to hear back after I post this but sadly that is not the case 🙁. I’d say hold until April 15th and hope for the best!
  3. Also received this email. Think it was to everyone
  4. Since you were accepted to the program I don't think you should be concerned if they did report back. I've had some very candid conversations with current graduate students at universities I was accepted to and even told them other offers I had or was considering and why I was hesitant to attend their program. Students are super honest because they get it. It's hard to make these decisions. So I think if you have questions ask them. You're accepted and they can't revoke it just because you're concerned about some aspects of the program.
  5. Yeah you should. Just say you don’t wish to be considered anymore because you have received an offer from an institution you’d like to attend.
  6. Lol I feel this with the person holding for JC. STRESSING
  7. Just remember for most programs 50% get in off the waitlist. Also means 50% don't. I would definitely start looking into other things and applying to jobs while also maintaining hope because there is a possibility you could get in. Don't give up!!! We're in this together
  8. Would the person accepted to counseling at Texas Tech please PM me. Thank you and congrats!!
  9. I think you should maybe try emailing the DCT of the program. I think it makes sense to wait until you know from your top choices before committing somewhere else. As someone on a waitlist it pains me to say that but keep your options open until they aren’t.
  10. I'm sorry, but every school and every professor I have talked to has encouraged this sentiment; not to hold more than one offer at a time.
  11. This process is so grueling. Just unsure of what to make of all of the waitlists. I thought my interviews went well, but I guess just not well enough. Going to wait it out and really really hope something works out. For everyone accepted CONGRATULATIONS, but remember to only hold one offer at a time. Honestly y'all this is a hard process and I know we would all be fantastic clinicians and researchers so keep the hope and keep pushing on!
  12. To the person who got accepted at IU Bloomington can you please PM me? Congratulations!
  13. Can the poster accepted at IU Bloomington please PM me. Thank you and congratulations!
  14. I've been doing super casual and everyone else at the programs is doing the same. Express yourself.
  15. The optimism is what you need to get through. You got this and the only thing you can do is reevaluate and make your application better for next cycle! Don't stress and I'm sending good vibes your way✨✨
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