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  1. I reached out to UofA clinical program coordinator who said interviews were sent out already and copied the grad student coordinator to confirm (who hasn't yet, but I'm not feeling too optimistic).
  2. Hello! Has anyone heard from the University of Arizona or Arizona State? Both have been surprisingly sparse on the results page.
  3. I'm not sure about the UofM PI specifically, but I believe all invites have been extended for their interview date (2/5).
  4. I think this is fine! I did the same after a preliminary and was told after I followed-up I was waitlisted due to funding issues and they'll reach out if they secure more. It gave me more peace of mind rather than waiting for an answer. The worst thing that can happen is they don't respond (which is the same as your current situation).
  5. I’m also somewhat first gen (depends on the definition but the first to pursue PhD in my family) with a natural sciences degree (literally NO pure psychology coursework, only related courses), but with research experience. I think it’s becoming more common to have non traditional backgrounds from what I’ve heard from through my network, but that probably hasn’t trickled up to the faculty level yet.
  6. Thank you! I saw a few on the results page with interviews on a specific date coming up, so I wasn't sure if those were interviews for a specific PI or an official day organized by the school...either way, will try to be patient.
  7. Hello! If anyone has heard from the University of South Carolina, is there a formal interview date?
  8. Longtime lurker, but I wanted to add a note similar to what schizometric said. I had an informal interview, and the PI let me know that the school received a record-breaking # of applications and they're taking their time to do their due diligence. They are also facing some funding uncertainties (as you know, most programs confirm funding for xx # of years), so they want to make sure funding is still in place before proceeding with offers so their timelines will be delayed this year. This is my first cycle and I know how stressful this all is - I hope we are practicing some healthy distan
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