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  1. @GeorgeWindsor I have not! I think I'm choosing more towards NYU just because they gave me a better scholarship deal. @blueberryxyz+ @Alittle_shady thanks for your inputs! For the three of you, out of curiosity, what made you choose social work rather than mental health counseling?
  2. Hello everyone! I am having a hard time deciding between Columbia University, NYU and Hunter College (still pending decision) for my MSW program. I wish to be a clinical social worker, and have heard that NYU is most clinical oriented while Columbia is more macro oriented. However, I'm thinking it may be good to have a range of experience, in case I decide later on to do something a bit more macro-oriented in the future. I also hear that the name of the school does really carry over when looking for jobs. The cost is definitely daunting, as well as the thought of being in debt. The scholarships from both schools are not very large - however if the programs are really good, its probably worth it! Any thoughts from those who have made their decision or went to these schools?
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