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  1. Yes, I am in the acms major. I am taking optimization this fall. But still, I took wayyyy too many ML classes and few math classes. I guess I'll change some PhD programs on my list to MS for a better chance?
  2. Thanks for your reply! Just to clarify, is the top 30 ranked by best statistics grad program on US news?
  3. Thanks for the reply! I agree my math background is a bit light. I have not taken real analysis. Do you think a strong LOR from a math professor would help a little?
  4. Undergrad Institution: University of Washington Type of Student: asian male, International (undergrad in US) Major: Data Science and Statistics Minor: Computational Finance GPA: 3.8 (Major is 3.7) GRE General Test: Q: 166, V: 157, writing 4.5 Research: Some research on COVID-19, no publication. Working on honors thesis. Teaching: TAing an undergrad course Experience: Statistics related volunteering, data science blogger Awards: 1st place in a Datathon (~60 participants). A programming certification by Google Letters of Recommendation: 1 from resea
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