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  1. Undergrad Institution: Berkeley Major(s): Data Science Minor(s): Computer Science GPA: 3.9 at time of application, 3.87 including fall semester Type of Student: domestic asian women I didn't really submit my GRE scores except where they were required, but here they are anyway: GRE General Test: Q: 166 V: 164 W: 4.5 GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: didn't take Programs Applying: Statistics PhD, a couple of computational applied math in there Research Experience: No publications, but I had a couple of applied research projects I did in undergrad. I was also
  2. How do you ask for an extension like that? Do you have to tell them why? I imagine they wouldn't be too happy if you tell them it's because you're waiting for another school, but maybe this happens more often than I think?
  3. I emailed UCLA coordinator and she said that if they make any more offers it will be after 4/15. I'm very confused by this - what happens if you accepted another offer before that date? Are you allowed to renege and take an offer that was extended after 4/15?
  4. Perhaps take this with a grain of salt since I went to Berkeley for undergrad and I never applied to masters program. Berkeley has some of the most amazing statisticians that have ever existed. I think it was really amazing to be taught by and work alongside people who have contributed so much to the field. In terms of academic reputation I think Berkeley is the clear winner, but it's also valid if you have other priorities other than just the ranking / reputation. However, I can't say much specifically about the masters degree curriculum. Also, the location is really great for find
  5. Is there any news from UCLA? I saw the 3 acceptances in February but since then haven't seen or heard of any rejections of waitlists. Also, when do waitlist results usually come out?
  6. I would say that's a good sign for you because I just got a rejection email!
  7. How is the Stats PhD program at UT Austin? I've seen discussion that it's ranked 50th because it's a new and small program, and that its alumni have done well. Some pros would be that it's a small department, and students have the chance to work with some famous people. And they're really good in Bayesian statistics. Also, Austin sounds nice to live in. However I'm worried that their research focus is too narrow and I would be stuck if I decided I didn't like it, and that the program isn't well established yet. I'm interested in doing computational statistics, high dimensional
  8. Did anyone else hear from UCLA? I sent an email to the coordinator and she said that all acceptances and rejections went out today, so if you don't hear back, you were likely waitlisted. But I see only one acceptance and zero rejections on the listing.
  9. Is it okay to drop a technical class (optimization) that I was enrolled in this semester that I listed on my applications for spring courses? It won't interfere with my graduation requirements since I just took it for general knowledge but I found myself a bit busier than expected. I'll check in with admissions committees just to be sure, but have other people done stuff like this before?
  10. Are Washington and Chicago finished sending interviews/offers now, or will there be more? Also I haven't seen any CMU - they haven't started, right?
  11. I didn't know that they had sent out some rejections. Thanks for sharing. I hope you get into a program you want to go to!
  12. Yeah, I guess that's true. I was thinking of NC State as well, since in the past it seems like they had released even rejections by now.
  13. Yeah, statistics programs only. Is it just me or it's taking longer this year than in the past..?
  14. has anyone else not gotten any news yet? 😕 feeling a bit discouraged
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