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  1. I plan to apply for stats PhDs. I've never taken a compsci course, but I have experience coding in python via curricular projects/research. Still, I've never taken a course to develop a strong foundation in python, so I decided to enrol in a first year course (Intro to Programming). Thing is, most top Stats programs ask that you be fairly strong in programming. If they see I'm only taking this course now, will it actually be to my detriment? Even if I stress that I've gained significant coding skills through my research, will they consider the course a sign that I actually do not have the nece
  2. Thank you for the insight @SPIWizard! That's really good to hear I have a few questions if you don't mind: 1. Did you contact profs at Canadian schools before applying? I used to be under the impression that this was expected, but for stats it seems like it's not? 2. If you don't mind me asking, what school did you attend, and did you enjoy it! My main concerns for grad school are: (1) being in a department which provides a sense of community/support and (2) finding a prof who has some interest in AI safety or at least ML. Do you have any advice on which Canadian schools might meet
  3. Thank you for all your helpful advice on this thread! It's really nice to know a reasonable approach/expectation when it comes to the top 20 list and applying as a Canadian Especially when application fees can be a big pill to swallow. I will give the Berkeley/Harvard dream a go with fingers crossed, and then of course apply to good Canadian and US schools (thanks for suggesting University of Washington/Carnegie Mellon, I hadn't looked into them much).
  4. Perfect, thank you so much! This sounds like a great game plan and is probably exactly what I'm going to do It's a bit hard for me not to get my heart deeply set on things, so I'm going to have to really keep my mindset realistic and grounded lol. Thanks again for the advice.
  5. Hi everyone! I'd really like some advice as to whether I stand a chance in applying to some top 20 programs. I will provide as much info as possible. I am Canadian and currently completing my undergrad(will be applying to US unis). I am doing a BSc. with a specialization in math and stats (I have more science courses than a math major would since they were required by my program, not sure if this puts me at a disadvantage compared to someone with more math courses). I am extremely interested in Machine Learning, and more particularly, algorithmic fairness and AI safety. As a result,
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