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  1. Thanks for the input everyone, that's helpful. I'll take the GRE again. Assuming I score somewhere between at least 163-165, how does my list of schools look? And are there other good Bayesian programs I could target that I haven't included (and that aren't in California)? Either Stat or Biostat.
  2. Just to get some further advice, I finished Calc 3 with an A this summer, and will be taking Fundamentals of Mathematics (proofs) and a few 400-level stat classes this Fall. In January I'll start my Theory of Analysis 1 class (so the grade in that class will not be able to be reported on applications). I retook the GRE, but my Q score is still stuck at 160 (even though I was getting 165+ on practices). Should I retake the GRE, or will my GPA and other criteria be enough to compensate? I'm not exactly a fan of standardized testing but I'll retake it if it'll affect my chances that muc
  3. Thanks, that's helpful. I'm not sure why I did so poorly on the quantitative section of the GRE, so hopefully I'll be able to improve it a decent amount when I take it again in August. Since I will just be starting my Theory of Analysis class by the time applications are due, do you think that will affect my application, or will they basically assume I will perform well based on past performance in other classes? I'm guessing it's something I should probably just address in my SoP's.
  4. Thanks for your reply! That makes sense. However, I will be applying to programs at the same time that I'll be taking my analysis course. Do you think that would be a big deal when it comes to admissions? Also, I have looked into some biostatistics programs but not much. I'll be sure to do some more research on those. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. I will be a senior this upcoming semester and am trying to finalize where I will apply (and where I have a decent chance of getting accepted) for Stats PhD programs (open possibly to Biostats as well). I'm mostly interested in doing research in bayesian statistics / machine learning, but that could change. Thanks for your input! Undergrad Institution: mid-sized private school (~ top 100 math department) Major(s): Statistics Minor(s): Math GPA: Current 4.0 Type of Student: Domestic male GRE General Test: Q:160 (I'm retaking the GRE in August to hopefully get around the 165+ ran
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