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  1. Hi guys! Current Dev Psych PhD at Cornell. Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Haha well over here at Cornell we had a giant snowstorm and the faculty couldn't make it into campus so everyone who was here ended up doing Skype interviews anyway...
  3. They've already asked us if we're able to host you guys for interview weekend so it will probably be soon!
  4. Current Cornell student. Invites have not been extended yet and they are going really slowly.
  5. Darn it! I was over eager. I thought I remember getting my email this week last year. Umm. Sure hope I got in, because otherwise this past semester has been very confusing. 😂 And you'll definitely get one 😛
  6. If you have questions about Cornell let me know!
  7. Oh no. I've been off GradCafe for a while. Is Adelaide gone??
  8. Hey you sound like me! I just got my Psychology BS a week ago! Where are you headed?
  9. Okay good, these replies are making me feel a lot better because I read on some other question and answer sites that professors got mad when grad students took off a few days (!) in the summer to see family, and I was really counting on summer to be able to see my family and participate in family vacation. I completely expect to have to work independently on research stuff during the summer, but it seems like a bit much to expect grad students to be in the lab 24/7 when they're not even getting paid...
  10. Oh my goodness I love this thread! I will be living on my own for the first time in August and I'm super nervous about it.
  11. I'm on a 9 month stipend in a Developmental Psychology PhD program which means I'm technically not paid in the summer. How have others in similar situations spent their summers? Is it typically a more relaxed time? Will I have an opportunity to go home and visit family?
  12. I graduated from undergrad today!!!!
  13. I agree and being from the south, I was a bit worried about driving in the snow anyway. And @Sigaba, that is a brilliant idea that would be very cathartic.
  14. Yes I am, and maybe the town in general would have been okay, but I don't have a spot at my apartment complex and we aren't allowed to park in the neighborhood, so that doesn't really leave me with a lot of options because paying for and dumping my car in a parking garage somewhere else and then still needing to take the bus back to my apartment doesn't make a whole lot of sense unfortunately. 😕 I do begrudgingly understand the reasoning behind this tactic, but what really gets me is that I was sitting right in front of the leasing manager talking about my car and wanting to be able to
  15. Hello I am bumping my thread again. How is everybody? I'm finding that I'm getting nervous because of a lot of small details about moving and living on my own, and less so about the program itself.
  16. Yup me neither and the worst part is, I drove all the way up to New York to look at apartments, signed the lease right in front of the leasing manager, and discussed with him how I was planning to bring my car with me. He even told me that they try to put your spot as close to your apartment building as possible, but neglected to tell me that I needed to purchase a separate pass in order to get a space at all or that parking wasn't guaranteed.
  17. I just found out that parking was a separate thing that I needed to pay extra for to have included in my lease and now they're all out of parking passes, so I won't have my car for the first year of grad school. 🙃
  18. I feel this. I grabbed a really nice apartment way back in March but just found out that parking was a separate thing that needed to be added to the lease, and now they're all out of parking passes so I can't bring my car. 🙃 I've never lived in an apartment before so I find all the details super overwhelming.
  19. 23 when I applied, 23 when I got in. I applied senior year of undergrad (did a gap year between high school and college).
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